Sunday, September 29, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #25

Amen Dunes “Older Girls” Spoiler LP (Perfect Lives)
Cyclops “Untitled #2” The First Year CS (Goaty Tapes)
Good Area “Side B (excerpt)” French Antarctica LP (Kye)
The Bibs “Pure Evil” Workers Comp. CS (All Gone)
Zigtebra “VOLCANO” The Pink Line CS (For Practically Everyone Records)
Nite Lite “Spelunking” Duets II CS (Tranquility Tapes)
Twilight of the Century “Hibernation I” Hibernation CS (Tape Drift)
Sky Needle “Debased Shapes” Debased Shapes LP* (Bruit Direct Disques)
John Davis “Julian Wind” Ask the Dust LP* (Students of Decay)
Anton Heyboer “You Can Make Yourself Healthy by Your Spirit” Rules of the Universe 2LP (Kye)
Federico Durand “Los cristales soñadores” El idioma de las luciérnagas LP* (Desire Path Recordings)
Idea Fire Company “Tokyo” Postcards LP (Swill Radio)
Ákos Rózmann “Part II" (excerpt) Images of the Dream and Death 3LP (Ideologic Organ)
Holly Waxwing “Dolphinpods” Goldleaf Acrobatics CS (Noumenal Loom)
Yong Yong “Side A (excerpt)” Meet Lord Prince “I” Infinito CS (Goaty Tapes)
Mark Bradley “Reality” The First and Last Five Years CS (A Giant Fern)
Warning “021812C” The Master Wave CS (Digitalis
Big French “ungungungungone” Downtown Runnin LP* (Wharf Cat
The 49 Americans “Tendency To Lie” We Know Nonsense LP (Staubgold
Michael Saunders “Dye” Dust – Dye CS (Blue Poles Recordings
Ashtray Navigations “Insect Descent Trajectory” Insect Descent CD (Obsolete Units)

Corrections & Clarifications:
*Zigtebra are twee-ish, yes, but they sound nothing like Beat Happening - that's completely off-the-mark. 
*Hibernation is indeed the first available recordings from Twilight of the Century.
*Idea Fire Company's Postcards was originally issued on cassette in 2011 on the No Basement Is Deep Enough label.
*The artwork for the first Noumenal Loom batch was done by Brenna Murphy, the same artist that did those great tapes by Million Mists, Matt Carlson, and, yes, Spare Death Icon on Jason E. Anderson's Gift Tapes label.

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