Monday, December 17, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #10: Decimus / Kelippah Feature

Decimus “Side A” (excerpt) from Decimus 11 (Digitalis
(Interview segment) 
Decimus “A1” Decimus 1 (Kelippah
Decimus “pt.2” Decimus C (Kelippah
Decimus “Apathia” (excerpt) Hobo Sunn / Decimus split (Kelippah
(Interview segment) 
Safiyaa “Treasurer of Badu Nadir” (excerpt) S/T (Kelippah
Raajmahal “Unknown Metals” S/T (Kelippah
K Salvatore “Lake Success Drained” Tsar Ova Elk (Kelippah
(Interview Segment) 
Les Conversions “Mr. Wayl's Adze" S/T (*forthcoming LP on Kelippah) 
Tom Carter and Pat Murano “Avalokitesvara” S/T (*forthcoming LP on Kelippah)


On this edition of the FFFoxy Podcast, we spoke with Pat Murano (NNCK, Malkuth, K Salvatore, etc.) about his recent solo work as Decimus, along with the many other collaborative projects he's currently involved in. We also discussed the work he has been doing with his own Kelippah label and some of the forthcoming material he has coming out on it. For more information on Decimus and to hear and purchase Kelippah recordings, check out the following links:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

FFFreakout #342 (Aired on 12/13/12)

Karen Dalton "In My Own Dream" from In My Own Time
Goldendust "After the Smoke Grew Thick" from S/T
Marielle V. Jakobsons "Crystal Orchard" from Glass Canyons
Mike Bruno "Lovebirds" from The Sad Sisters
Willie Lane "Ill Star" from Guitar Army of One
Alkibar Gignor "Zeinabou" from La Paix
Superchunk "Child's Christmas in Wales" from Mojo's Festive Favorites
Big Trouble "You Never Give Me Your Money" from Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 4
Halloween, Alaska "State Trooper" from S/T
Bad Brains "MCA Dub" from Into The Future
The Cult "She Sells Sanctuary" from Love
Neil Young & Crazy Horse "Twisted Road" from Psychedelic Pill
Willie Nelson "Railroad Lady" from To Lefty From Willie

Saturday, December 08, 2012

FFFavorite Albums of 2012

Here's round two of Free Form Freakout's favorite releases of 2012, this time a list of albums that really captured my attention. With a few exceptions, all of these albums have appeared on the podcast shows at some point during the year or certainly will in the weeks ahead. Again, make what you will of the rank-ordered approach to all of this. I'd like to think that if people have checked in on a regular basis, though, that there should be very few surprises here. For me, Jason Lescalleet's Songs About Nothing release really stood out amongst the rest of the albums I heard this year for its sheer unclassifiable boldness and beauty. It's serious music with a sense of humor and purpose that stirs a wide range of emotions and is completely unlike anything else I heard. 

Facebook "likes" and YouTube posts can only go so far, so please stop by your local independent record store or visit some of the great mailorder sites listed below to support these artists and labels if you come across something you're curious about. You can also click on the label links for more information on each release and for ordering purposes. 


1) Jason Lescalleet Songs About Nothing (Erstwhile)

2) The Shadow Ring Remains Unchanged (Kye)

3) Aaron Dilloway Modern Jester (Hanson)

4) ÉLG Mil Pluton (Alter / Hundebiss)

5) CS Yeh Transitions (De Stijl)

6) Richard Youngs Core To The Brave (Root Strata)

7) Panabrite Soft Terminal (Digitalis)

8) Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan Vanity Fair (Recital)

9) Gary War Jared’s Lot (Spectrum Spools)

10) Pedestrian Deposit Kithless (Arbor)

11) Ghedalia Tazartes Ante-Mortem (Hinterzimmer)
12) Mirror to Mirror Body Moving Slowly (Preservation)
13) Trouble Books Concatenating Fields (Mie Music)
14) Rain Drinkers Yesodic Helices (Brave Mysteries)
15) Decimus 11 (Digitalis)
16) Sparkling Wide Pressure Grandfather Harmonic (Preservation)
17) Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland Black Is Beautiful (Hyperdub)
18) Willie Lane Guitar Army of One (Cord-Art)
19) NHK’Koyxen Dance Classics Vol.1 (Pan)
20) Derek Rogers Saturations (Greenup Industries)
21) Insect Factory Melodies From a Dead Radio (Fabrica)
22) Tilth Angular Music (Soft Abuse)
23) Yek Koo Love Song For The Dead C (Emerald Cocoon)
24) Jandek Atlanta Saturday (Corwood Industries)
25) Featureless Ghost Personality Matrix (Night-People)

Friday, December 07, 2012

FFFreakout #341 (Aired on 12/6/12)

Andy Stott "Numb" from Luxury Problems
Circuit Des Yeux "Barrel Down" from Ode To Fidelity 7"
Yximalloo "Peter Is Back" from Unpop
NHK'Koyxen "703" from Dance Classics Vol. II
Lee Gamble "Helicopter" from Diversions 1994-1996
Reuben Son "02.01.2011" from Day Gone By 7"
Fang Wizard "Satan Wrap" from Pure Hex
The Cake Kitchen "Airships" from Xpressway Pile=Up
The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" from Abbey Road
Paul Simon "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard" from S/T
Gary Numan "Cars" from The Pleasure Principle
Dinosaur Jr. "Watch the Corners" from I Bet On Sky
The Lemonheads "Rick James Style" from Come On Feel the Lemonheads
The Clash "Police On My Back" from Sandinista!
Talking Heads "I Zimbra" from Fear of Music

On today's show, we danced and sang for Avery's 8th birthday:

Sunday, December 02, 2012

FFFavorite Tapes of 2012

Similar to last year, I've decided against doing an end-of-the-year recap-style show for one of the final podcasts of 2012. Instead, I'm planning to just move forward with more new music and with one more feature with Pat Murano (Decimus, Kelippah Records et al). Again, like last year, I've put together an overview of some of my favorite releases that have appeared on the podcast show throughout the year. This week, it's a list of my favorite tapes. In the next week or so, I'll also post a list of some of my favorite albums (and maybe a few reissues too). 

Yes, I went ahead and rank-ordered these, which you can make of whatever you'd like. In general, these were/are the tapes that I keep coming back to, the ones that pull you into a unique soundworld. The Duets tape, however, was for me the clear-cut, no-brainer for best tape release of the year. It features such a seamless mix of music and, in my mind, several of the significant players in the current experimental tape underground. It sort of has the feel of being like the C86 of this particular network of artists and labels, certainly an important document of it at the very least.

You can click on the label links for more information on each release and for ordering purposes. You may also need to check out these fine mailorder sites for availability: Discriminate Music, Tomentosa, Mimaroglu Music Sales, Experimedia, 905 Tapes.          

1) v/a Duets (Tranquility Tapes

2) él-g In Coro (No=Fi Recordings

3) The Compass Rose The Simulation District (Ekhein

4) Man Made Hill Intercourses (Orange Milk

5) Josh Mason/Nathan McLaughlin 3440 (Tape Drift)

 6) April in the Orange In the Mirror Under the Moon (Cae-sur-a

7) v/a Air Rings Vol. 3 (Digitalis Ltd.

8) Sagas Signal Refracted (Avant Archive

9) v/a The Lemon Tape (Hobo Cult / Kinnta

10) Baronic Wall The Mind of Roses (Gift Tapes)

11) Myrrh Hymns (Lighten Up Sounds
12) Damian Valles/Alex Durlak Guitar and Drums (Komino
13) Prayer Second Species (Constellation Tatsu
14) M. Geddes Gengras Systems 1 (905 Tapes
15) Clay Cantrell The Tree Farmer (House of Alchemy
16) Bastian Void Flourescent Bells (Field Hymns
17) Asio Otus Taivaallisia tulis (Sicsic
18) Raajmahal Celandine (Digitalis Ltd.
19) Cannibal Movie Mondo Music (Yerevan Tapes)
20) Toning Paranormal Romance (Skell)  
21) Justin Meyers Libra (Tone Filth
22) Loud & Sad False Intimacy (Cae-sur-a
23) Blanche Blanche Blanche Open Session Rock (OSR Tapes
24) Henry Dawson The Thunder of Wonder (Goldtimers
25) Claps Glory, Glory (Moon Glyph)