Friday, June 21, 2013

FFFreakout #367 (Aired on 6/20/13)

Townes Van Zant "No Lonesome Tune" from High, Low, and In Between
Led Zeppelin "Hot Dog" from In Through the Out Door
Bob Dylan "Summer Days" from Love & Theft
Yo La Tengo "The Summer" from Fakebook
Soul Asylum "Summer of Drugs" from Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams
Herbie Hancock "Watermelon Man" from Head Hunters
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Sweat" from Orange
Low "Lust" from The Curtain Hits the Cast
Peter Jefferies "Catapult" from The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World
Alf Danielson "Glover" from Killing Capitalism With Kindness
The Golden Dawn "Starvation" from Power Plant
The Slickee Boys "The Brain That Refused To Die" from Here To Stay
Minutemen "Lost" from 3-Way Tie (For Last)
Rambutan "Outside the Horizon" from Inverted Summer
Rambutan "Time Garden" from Inverted Summer

Thursday, June 13, 2013

FFF Guest Mix #1: "Vagrant Summer" by Cody Yantis

Cody Yantis, a Denver-based experimental musician and visual artist, has provided the first installment of the FFF Guest Mix. Cody has recorded a number of excellent solo releases under his given name for such reputable labels as Digitalis, Blackest Rainbow, Sunshine Ltd. and Avant Archive. He also actively records in the collaborative projects Tilth and Saguache. For this mix, Cody writes, "I didn't have a set theme, other than I envisioned this as the only kind of summer mix I'm able to make: pretty manic with short and generally high energy songs (at least for me). It does reflect a few of my current listening interests: music from SE Asia (in light of my recent trip), old school hip hop, and, actually, a bit less new experimental music than usual." Basically, it's one wild ride of a listen in the best possible sense. Give it a spin and get in touch if you have an interest in contributing your own mix.

1) Johann Paul von Westhoff, performed by Daniel Hope Spheres “Violin Sonata #3 - Imitazione Delle Campane” (Deutsche Grammophon)
2) Chuck Johnson “Across White Oak Mountain” Crows In The Basilica (Three Lobed)
3) John Luther Adams, performed by Steven Schick “The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies: VI. Wail” The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies (Cantaloupe)
4) Eric B. and Rakim “Don't Sweat the Technique” Don't Sweat the Technique (MCA)
5) The North Sea “Vagrant” Grandeur & Weakness (Rubber City Noise)
6) Morton Feldman, performed by David Greilsammer “Piano Piece” Baroque Conversations (Sony Masterworks)
7) Lungfish “You Are The War” Feral Hymns (Dischord)
8) Caravan "ชาวนา” Man & Buffalo (Strawberry Rain)
9) Alice Coltrane “Sita Ram” Universal Consciousness (Impulse!)
10) Mary Lattimore “You'll Be Fiinne” (excerpt) The Withdrawing Room (Desire Path Recordings)
11) Alan Lamb “Beauty” (excerpt) Primal Image (Dorobo)
12)  Don Cherry “There Is The Bomb” Where is Brooklyn? (Blue Note)
13)  Choun Vanna “Birds Are Singing But My Lover Won't Return” Khmer Funk and Pop Music vol. 1 (Sublime Frequencies)

FFFreakout #366 (Aired on 6/13/13)

Total Control "Scene From A Marriage" from Scene From A Marriage single
Peter Jefferies "Guided Tour of a Well Known Street" from The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World
Above Ground "Flat Feet" from Gone Aiwa
The Dead C "Sky" from Harsh 70's Reality
Smog "I Am Star Wars!" from Julius Caesar
Love Cry Want "Peace (For Dakota and Jason)" from S/T
Art Ensemble of Chicago "Rock Out" from The BYG Deal: Art, Rock, Revolution
Digable Planets "Time & Space (A New Refutation of)" from Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space)
Philip Glass "Mad Rush" (excerpt) from Glassmasters
Cat Power "Maybe Not" from You Are Free
Bobb Trimble "Killed By the Hands of An Unknown Rock Starr" from Iron Curtain Innocence
Robert Wilkins "That's No Way To Get Along" from Last Kind Words
Harry Taussig "Children's Dance" from Fate Is Only Twice
Liliput "Madness" from S/T

Sunday, June 09, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #20

Èlg “Der Prediger” La Chimie LP (SDZ Records)
German Army “Harem Diseases” Holland Village CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Zerfallt “Island of Poisoned Being” Ritual Systems CS (Field Studies)
Trouble Vs. Glue “Directions” Die Trauerweide LP* (NO=FI Recordings)
Phork “100 MPH” Splish CS (Orange Milk)
Piper Spray “North Ecliptic Pole” Epigraph to the Bright Star Catalogue CS (Singapore Sling)
Amalgamated “Trudge” Trudge/Slap CS (Cave Recordings)
Peter Jefferies “On an Unknown Beach” The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World LP (De Stijl)
Love Chants “Skirts of Rain” Love Chants EP 12" (Quemada)
Grow Horns “For Eagle & Share” Proper Seasons CD (Centsless Productions)
The Invisible Hands “Lili Twil” Insect Dilemma/Disallowed 7” (Abduction)
Inez Lightfoot “Leaving the Owsla” Three Weaving At The Well CS (No Kings)
Benjamin Finger “Consonance of Fear” Listen To My Nerves Hum CD/LP* (Time Released Sound)
Keith Rowe & Graham Lambkin “Over C” Making A CD (Erstwhile)
Call Back the Giants “Side B (excerpt)” The Marianne LP (Kye)
Cody Yantis “With Water” Place & Distance CD-R (Analogpath)
Golden Pawn “Golden Pond” This Lake is a Misty Mirror CS (Space Slave Editions)
James Rushford & Joe Talia “Side B” (excerpt) Manhunter LP (Kye)
Rejections “Critical Mass” The Vertical City EP CS* (Jehu & Chinaman)
Black Hat “Singing Point” Covalence CS* (Field Hymns)
Philip Corner with Phoebe Neville “Exotic Ear” (excerpt) Concerto For Housekeeper . . . 2CS (Imminent Frequencies)
Rambutan “Time Garden” Inverted Summer LP* (Fabrica)

*Note: Full write-up coming in the week ahead. Check back . . .