Saturday, October 05, 2013

FFFreakout #382 (Aired on 10/3/13)

The Breeders "Divine Hammer" from Last Splash
The Flaming Lips "Be My Head" from Transmissions from the Satellite Heart
The Afghan Whigs "Gentlemen" from Gentlemen
U2 "The Wanderer" from Zooropa
Paul Westerberg "Silver Naked Ladies" from 14 Songs
Pearl Jam "Glorified G" from vs.
Possum Dixon "Watch the Girl Destroy Me" from S/T
Urge Overkill "Positive Bleeding" from Saturation
Liz Phair "6'11"" from Exile in Guyville
James "Laid" from Laid
Björk "Human Behavior" from Debut
Nirvana "Scentless Apprentice" from In Utero
Matthew Sweet "Ugly Truth Rock" from Altered Beast
Smashing Pumpkins "Disarm" from Siamese Dream

This week marked the 20th anniversary of Carl's independently-owned record store, Tune Town. So, in honor of this, we decided to play some albums that were either popular-sellers or were regularly heard playing throughout the store back in 1993 when he first opened the doors. It goes without saying that independent record stores are a dying breed these days; but, in our humble (and unashamedly biased) opinion, they remain such an invaluable resource and gathering place in any community - THE place for music fans to convene. Sure, you can access and buy virtually anything you want online, but we couldn't imagine living in a world where the only destination for "real world" music culture is perusing the latest issue of Rolling Stone in the aisles of Target. That is, simply put, a damn NIGHTMARE. Get out and support a record store near you.

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