Saturday, April 28, 2012

FFFreakout: Podcast #40

Trouble Books “Cocooning” Concatenating Fields LP* (Mie Music/Bark & Hiss
Pumice “Covered In Spiders” Puny LP (Soft Abuse
Mother of Fire “Emerald Ocean” Feral Children LP* (Sword Fingers
Colin Webster & Mark Holub “No Hidden Depths” The Claw CD (Raw Tonk
Digital Natives “Untitled” Let Three Be Light CS (Housecraft
Dolores Boys “City Lights” S/T CS (Psychic Mule
jbjh (a.k.a. Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry) “SPC 1” SPC CD (Tokyo Droning
En “Marble Steppe” Already Gone CD/LP (Students of Decay
Rain Drinkers “Helix II” (excerpt) Yesodic Helices LP (Brave Mysteries
Heroin In Tahiti “Spaghetti Wasteland” Death Surf LP* (Boring Machines)
General Strike (Steve Beresford & David Toop) “My Other Body” Danger In Paradise LP (Staubgold
Giant Claw “Spirit Heal Me” Haunted Planet LP* (Wool Recordings
Detainee “Basement Party” Vital Organs CS* (Field Hymns
Mark Lewis & Jeff Witscher “4” Gait Analysis CD-R (Salon
M. Geddes Gengras “Systems 1” (excerpt) Systems 1 3xCS (905 Tapes
Head boggle “Harpsichord Rococco” Headboggle LP (Spectrum Spools
Hecker “lulliski sim con” Sun Pandämonium LP (PAN
Justin Meyers “Volte Face” Libra CS (Tone Filth
Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan “Cabrini Green” Vanity Fair LP (Recital
Ghedalia Tazartes “Side A” (excerpt) Repas Froid LP (PAN
Peopling “Come Home Eccentric” Peopling EP CD (self-released
Parashi “No Horse-Cart This Time” Silenus CS (Retrograde
Father Murphy “In The Flood With The Flood” Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It CD (Aagoo/Boring Machines)

As mentioned in a previous post, the regular, non-feature editions of the Free Form Freakout podcast show are going to be expanded to roughly two hours in length, which, as you can see, is something we’ve already rolled out for this week’s show. Again, we are doing this as a way to cover more of the incredible music we are buying and receiving on a monthly basis. We hope that these super-sized shows will provide you with more new underground and experimental music sustenance, not just innocuous soda-and-fries musical filler. We are still scraping together our coins to officially beef up our Soundcloud status, but we want to extend a huge thank you to those people that have already donated their hard-earned dollars to help us out with this upgrade. The support and generosity we’ve received from, in most cases, complete strangers has been unbelievably moving and it has certainly provided us with a renewed sense of purpose for producing these podcast shows. Thank you!! 

Let’s move on to some of the highlights from this week’s show and, man, are there plenty worth mentioning. First, I’ve been a little surprised almost by how much I’ve been listening to this new Trouble Books album, Concatenating Fields. This Ohio-based, husband-and-wife duo struck just a perfect balance between neo-Kosmische synth ambience and minimal guitar pop on this release, sounding to these ears like a late-night studio pairing of Brian Eno and Low. The closing track, which features fellow Ohioans Tusco Terror, provides a nice dreamy and somewhat clamorous way to round things out. As a longtime fan, I was incredibly psyched to be able to play something from the new Pumice (a.k.a. Stefan Neville) album, his first full-length in over four years, on this week’s show. On Puny, Neville finds new wrinkles and odd time signatures to deliver his battered pop tunes and chord organ drones with. “Covered In Spiders” is perhaps one of the most straight forward, yet wholly affecting tunes Neville has ever penned, but in many respects it boils the ‘Pumice sound’ down to its brilliant core. Since first getting hipped to Troy Schafer’s work through his excellent solo release on Recital, I’ve been slowly investigating some of his other projects, among them Rain Drinkers. This duo’s latest album Yesodic Helices has such a timeless heft to it, sounding both soothingly familiar, yet utterly profound. It’s just an album that needs to be heard, no words can really do it justice. Finally, in terms of the outer realms of electronic music composition, I can’t say enough good things about the latest offerings from Head Boggle and M. Geddes Gengras. My introduction to Derek Gedalecia’s Head Boggle project was his tape that came out on NNA last year, which was a wildly disorienting aural treat. With Headboggle, his vinyl debut, the sounds are in places a bit more restrained, though there is an attention to detail paid to each and every sound that dips in-and-out of these tracks, giving this release more of a classic musique concrete feel than that of your average noise or synth-twiddler. While many people are going Congo crazy in regards to Gengras of late, justifiably so, for my money his Systems 1 triple cassette release on 905 Tapes scratches that Paypal trigger finger itch far more convincingly. But then again, Gengras, as a solo artist, can do no wrong in my book, so take it as you will. 

On the next podcast show, Nathan McLaughlin and Joe Houpert will be joining us in the studio and doing a rare performance together as Loud & Sad. Check back in with us in a couple of weeks.

Friday, April 27, 2012

FFFreakout #309 - Spring Pledge Drive (Live on 4/26/12)

Pumice "Covered in Spiders" from Puny
Russell Hoke & His Lonesome Banjo "Scorpio Madi" from Driftwood
The Clean "Billy Two" from Anthology
Smog "I Was A Stranger" from Red Apple Falls
Shabazz Palaces "Bop Hard" from Live at KEXP
Russell Hoke & His Lonesome Banjo "Make This Shadow Glow" from Driftwood
Pumice "Hey Crap Crab" from Puny
Tall Dwarfs "Mr. BrocOili" from Weeville
Wire "Three Girl Rhumba" from Pink Flag
Spoon "The Way We Get By" from Kill The Moonlight
The Beatles "So Tired" from The White Album
Paul Westerberg "Waiting For Somebody" from Singles O.S.T.
Ween "Take Me Away" from Chocolate & Cheese
Louis Prima "Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody"
The Faces "Silicone Grown" from Five Guys Walk Into A Bar
The Kinks "Til the End of the Day" from Kinks Kontroversy

The Spring Pledge Drive is underway at KMSU and on today's show we were doing our best to try to convince listeners to support this truly unique and independent voice within our community. Due to recent funding shortages, the stakes have been raised this time around. Although KMSU receives some dollars from the state/university, it still relies on listener support to cover roughly 40% of its operating costs. Our goal at the station is to raise $30,000 and we are well on our way to meeting this goal. But, we still need to hear from you! Please consider giving us a call at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 to make a pledge. You can also pledge on-line by heading over to

We had a couple of Free Form Freakout exclusive premiums that we were offering on our show. We had three copies of the latest Russell Hoke LP entitled "Driftwood" to giveaway, which are now all gone. We also were offering, thanks to our good friends at Soft Abuse Records, the brand new Pumice CD called "Puny" for those who pledged $25 or more to the station. We still have a couple of copies of this left, so make a pledge to support independent public radio and pick up an incredible album in the process. Let us know when you do and we'll send this out to you right away. Everybody wins.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

FFFreakout podcast update

We are planning to expand the regular FFFreakout podcast shows to 2 hours in length in order to cover more of the amazing underground and experimental music that we are receiving on a monthly basis. Due to our limited technical know-how, we'd like to continue to utilize Soundcloud as a way to deliver our show on this blog and elsewhere. This increase in length, of course, means that we have to upgrade our Soundcloud plan, which by my Euro-to-Dollar converter count isn't all that cheap. If you're interested in what we are doing with the FFFreakout podcast show and would be willing to donate even some spare change to help us with this upgrade we would be forever grateful. Thanks to everyone who has listened and shared their sounds with us over the past few years.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

FFFreakout #308 - Record Store Day Rundown (Aired on 4/19/12)

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Diddy Wah Diddy" from Diddy Wah Diddy 2x7"
Devo "Girl U Want" from Live 1981 Seattle LP
Afrika Bambaataa "Kick Out The Jams" from Side by Side 7" w/ The MC5
The White Stripes "Hand Springs" b/w "Red Death" at 6:14 7"
Ryan Adams "Black Sheets of Rain" b/w "Heartbreak A Stranger" 7"
Gene Clark "One In A Hundred" b/w "She's The Kind of Girl" 7"
Mark Olson & Gary Louris "Turn Your Pretty Name Around" from On Air At World Cafe compilation*
Willie Nelson "Just Breathe" from Just Breathe CD single*
Feedtime "Rock N Roll" from Mixed Nuts (Sub Pop compilation)*
The Chuck Dukowski Sextet "My War" b/w Mike Watt & The Missingmen "Sweet Honey Pie" 7"
Bad Brains "Stay Close To Me" b/w Pay To Cum 7" (Note: from last year's RSD)
Run DMC "You Be Illin'" from Side by Side 7" w/ Carolina Chocolate Drops

Carl brought up a small sampling of this year's Record Store Day exclusives and freebies* to play on today's show. Whether or not you need some re-re-re-packaged single from one of your favorite artists is of course debatable, but we hope you will get out and support some of your favorite local independent record stores this Saturday. Here in Mankato, Tune Town will be opening at 9 o'clock and KMSU will be broadcasting live from the store. Our good friends from Shuffle Function will be putting their D&D dice to good use, summoning the Radio Gods for (hopefully) an ear-pleasing morning of K-Tel Radio Roulette. Oh, and join us up at Weicking Auditorium later this evening for a special showing of Jandek On Corwood, where a bunch of music nerds will cap off a fun-filled day by getting "Real Wild".

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FFFreakout: Podcast #39 - with Marc Masters, experimental music journalist for Pitchfork and The Wire magazine

Fang Wizard “Satan Wrap” Pure Hex LP (Teen Beat
(Interview segment) 
Dylan Ettinger “Blue and Blue” Lifetime of Romance LP/CD (Not Not Fun
Neil Campbell and Robert Horton “Three-Wave Virtual Heart” Trojandropper LP (Zum
Nicholas Szczepanik “Totemic Vignette” We Make Life Sad (WeMe
Three Legged Race “Solid, Liquid, or Daughter” Wrong Element EP (Acoustic Division
(Interview segment) 
The Residents “Smelly Tongues” Meet The Residents CD (Euro Ralph
Ensemble Economique “Everything I Have, I Give To You” Crossing The Path, By Torchlight LP (Dekorder
Stare Case “Track #4” Lost In The Sun CD-R (AA Records)
Phil Blankenship “The Power of Equality” Sex Magik CD (Troniks
(Interview segment) 
Plums “Gumption” Untitled 2LP (self-released
MV Carbon “The Mystic Pinprick” Dislodged Perihelion LP (Ecstatic Peace!)
Chuck Bettis “Short Circuit Control” Urgency Renewal CD-R (Don’t Trust The Ruin
Gunn-Truscinski Duo “County Fair Getaway” Ocean Parkway LP (Three Lobed Recordings

On this week's podcast show, we chatted with music journalist, Marc MastersMasters is a regular reviewer for Pitchfork and The Wire magazine, and he co-writes The Outdoor for Pitchfork, which is their monthly column devoted to experimental and fringe music. In addition to contributing to other print and online publications, Masters also had his first book, No Wave, published back in 2007, offering a detailed history of that influential late seventies New York City scene. Along side his music writing, Masters also plays music of his own in the improvised rock group, The PlumsMarc picked out all the tracks heard on this week's show (with the exception of "Smelly Tongues") and our conversation covers his music writing and musical interests, music criticism in general, and his work with The Plums.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

FFFreakout #307 (Aired on 4/12/12)

Crash Normal "Big Joke" from Heavy Listening
Russell Hoke and His Lonesome Banjo "The Worst" from Driftwood
The Tower Recordings "Q Delmark-O" from Furniture Music For Evening Shuttles
General Strike "Sea Hunt" from Danger In Paradise
Panabrite "Index of Gestures" from Soft Terminal
The Pretty Things "Old Man Going" from S.F. Sorrow
Lee Renaldo "Angles" from Between the Times and the Tides
Jacuzzi Boys "Freakazoids" from Seahawks & Peacocks
Heartless Bastards "Got To Have Rock N' Roll" from Arrow
Grinderman "Worm Tamer" from Grinderman 2
Trampled By Turtles "Risk" from Stars and Satellites
Charlie Parr "Gospel Plow" from Keep Your Hands On The Plow
Howler "This One's Different" from America Give Up
Prince "Housequake" from Sign O The Times
Dr. John "Locked Down" from Locked Down

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

FFFreakout #306 (Aired on 4/5/12)

ZZ Top "Just Got Paid" from Rio Grande Mud
NHK'Koyxen "587" from Dance Classics Vol. 1
Rene Hell "Juliard op. 66" from The Terminal Symphony
The Residents "The Moles Are Coming" from Intermission EP
Konntinent "Creep Sxene" from Kiruna
A Certain Ratio "Choir" from The Graveyard and the Ballroom
Moby Grape "Indifference" from Listen My Friends: The Best of Moby Grape
Mark Tucker "Bataszew" from Batstew
Linda & Klyd Watkins "Ride 'Em Ranger" from Poetry Out Loud #3
Charalambides "Dormant Love" from A Vintage Burden
Black Eagle Child "Spring" from Pages On A Plane
Lee Ranaldo "Off The Wall" from Between the Times and the Tides
Fugazi "Cassavettes" from In On The Kill Taker
Excepter "Forget Me" from Vacation/Forget Me 12"

FFFreakout #305 (Aired on 3/29/12)

Wooden Wand "Vengeance, pt. 2" from Harem of the Sundrum & The Witness Figg
Andy Stott "Execution" from Passed Me By
Portishead "Over" from S/T
Madvillain "Meat Grinder" from Madvillainy
Herbie Hancock "Watermelon" from Head Hunters
Lucifer's Friend "Baby You're A Liar" from S/T
Buck Satan & the 666 Shooters "Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man" from Bikers Welcome, Ladies Drink For Free
Johnny Cash "Paradise" from Bootleg, Vol. 1: Personal File
Shout Out Louds "Fall Hard" from Work
Gorillaz "Bobby and Phoenix" from The Fall
Wilco "I Love My Label" from The Whole Love (Deluxe Edition)