Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FFFreakout #182 (Aired on 10/1/09)

Dan Melchoir und Das Menace - O! Anxiety
The Clean - Rubber Soul
Julian Lynch - Winterer One
The Velvet Underground - Femme Fatale (live)
Broadcast - Pendulum
Kraftwerk - Showroom Dummies
Oneohtrix Point Never - Zones Without People
The Residents - Sinister Exaggerator
Big Black - The Model
The Deadnotes - Through the Hoop / Broken Wheel / Orange Trumpet
The Minutemen - Cut
Mayo Thompson - Horses
The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard
Jay Mitchell - Funky Fever
(Outro Music: John Fahey - Desperate Man Blues)

Dave did this show on his own today. While The Beatles reissue mania has occupied our interest for weeks now, thought it would be worthwhile to mention that the entire Kraftwerk catalog is going to be remastered and reissued in October as well. Mute Records is going to release each album individually on CD and there is a boxset and vinyl pressings slated for release in November. You can scope the specifics here. One wouldn't expect a Rock Band edition from this group of man machines, but who knows.

FFFreakout #181 (Aired on 9/24/09)

Arctic Monkeys - My Propellar
Pearl Jam - Supersonic
Black Crowes - I Ain't Hiding
Alice in Chains - Check My Brain
Dex Romweber Duo (w/ Neko Case) - Still Around
Barracudas - We're in Violent Times
The Cramps - New Kind of Kick
M.I.S. - Sinfonia Agridulce
Mason Jennings - Ain't No Friend of Mine
Times New Viking - M.L.K. Day
Rural Alberta Advantage - Don't Haunt This Place
The La's - There She Goes
Fruit Bats - The Hobo Girl
Brendan Benson - Eyes on the Horizon
Timber Timber - Demon Host
Dex Romweber Duo - Lookout

Carl was live and flying solo for today's show. In his words, things were looking very 1991 during the early part of the show, but he was indeed spinning a bunch of new sounds. Here's another track from the brand spankin' new Times New Viking album out on Matador called "Born Again Revisited":

Thursday, September 17, 2009

FFFreakout #180 (Aired on 9/17/09)

The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
George Harrison - Wah Wah
Ringo Starr - It Don't Come Easy
Paul McCartney - Let Me Roll It
John Lennon - I'm Losing You
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie - In Peoples Homes
The Jaguar Club - Sleepwalking
Damon McMahon - Somewhere in France
Ducktails - Dancing With the One You Love
The Intelligence - Universal Babysitter
The Who - Acid Queen
The Misunderstand - Children of the Sun
The Pixies - Broken Face (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - The Cutter
The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet
Vivian Girls - Going Insane

The topic of The Beatles solo albums was discussed on today's show. Do you think George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" or John Lennon's "Plastic Ono Band" is the best or are we overlooking something in Ringo Starr's discography?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

FFFreakout #179 (Aired on 9/10/09)

The Feelies - Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)
Jim O'Rourke - Insignificance
Damon & Naomi - Blue Moon
Vivian Girls - Such A Joke
Nudge - Two Hands
The Clean - Drawing To A Hole
Destroy All Monsters - That's My Ideal
The Sa-Ra Creative Partners - I Swear
Air - Radio #1
Freedom Fighters - Crows Nest
The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
The Beatles - Julia
The Beatles - Come Together
The Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun
The Beatles - Fixing A Hole

While The Beatles remastered CDs are surely the big draw for music fans this week, there are a number of other great releases that happen to be coming out as well. Both of The Feelies albums have been given the remastered treatment, along with new albums by Jim O'Rourke, Vivian Girls, Nudge, The Clean, and Yo La Tengo. A good time to throw down some serious coin at your favorite independent record store.

FFFreakout #178 (Aired on 9/3/09)

Carl did this show live and played various selections from the new remastered Beatles albums which come out on 9/9/09. Time to save up!