Thursday, October 27, 2011

FFFreakout #285 - Fall Pledge Drive Show (Aired on 10/27/11)

Times New Viking "Try Harder" from Dancer Equired
Destroyer "Chinatown" from Kaputt
Panabrite "Lunar Station" from Omni Center
Wet Hair "The Garden Room" from In Vogue Spirit
Tall Dwarfs "Tip of my Tongue" from Weeville
Charlie Feathers "Peepin' Eyes" from Sun Records - 50th Anniversary collection
Russell Hoke "Miss Arkenzie" from Comet of Despair
Alvarius B. "Mussolini's Exit" from Baroque Primitiva
Bob & Doug McKenzie "Mutants of 2051 II" from Strange Brew O.S.T.
Roky Erikson & The Aliens "I Walked With A Zombie" from Halloween A Go-Go
The Misfits "Halloween" from New Wave Halloween
Los Straitjackets "The Munster's Theme" from Halloween Hootenanny
Dead Kennedys "Halloween" from New Wave Halloween
Donovan "Season of the Witch" from Halloween Hootenanny
The Ramones "Pet Cemetary" from New Wave Halloween

Panabrite "City on Stilts" from Uriel Tekunoff on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #27 - Tape Drift / Rambutan Feature

Rambutan “The Temple of Echo” The Temple of Echo CD-R (TD-43)

(Interview segment)
Parashi “Apparat” Counterweight CD-R (TD-48)
Jefferson Pitcher “11/30/08” To Light The Snow CD-R (TD-47)
Sparkling Wide Pressure “Untitled" (excerpt) split w/ Rambutan CS (TD-44)
(Interview segment)
Chapels “Pt. 1” (excerpt) Some Decay CS (TD-18)
Locrian “Omega Vapors” Dissolvers LP (TD-33)
Oddly Imploded “Atoms As Human Beings” Choke All Your Habits Before It’s Too Late CD-R (TD-41)
(Interview segment)
Rambutan "Passing Thought" For Conrad Schnitzler (*forthcoming release)
Rambutan “Ordinary Vertigo” Erasing the Past 7” (TD-39)

We recently had the chance to speak with Eric Hardiman, the main man behind the always incredible Tape Drift label and recording project, Rambutan, based in upstate New York.With this past month marking Tape Drift's biggest batch of releases to date, and with Rambutan set to unleash some new sounds on various labels in the coming months, we were fortunate to have Eric get us up to speed on the label, the music he has been making, and his involvement in the Albany Sonic Arts Collective. In addition to airing this conversation, we played various selections from the Tape Drift catalog, including a brand new Rambutan track from a forthcoming release entitled For Conrad Schnitzler.

Check out the Tape Drift website for more information and to order some of their great releases.

FFFreakout #284 (Aired on 10/20/11)

The Who "A Quick One, While He's Away" from The Kids Are Alright
Ian Thomas "Strange Brew" from Strange Brew O.S.T.
Spinal Tap "Cups and Cakes" from This Is Spinal Tap
Balloon Guy "Incidentally" from West Coast Shakes
Pearl Jam "Go" from Vs.
Stiff Little Fingers "Alternative Ulster" from D.I.Y.: The Modern World - U.K. Punk
Elvis Presley "That's Alright" from The Essential Elvis Presley
Supersuckers "Dead in the Water" from Must Have Been High
Foo Fighters "Dear Rosemary" from Wasting Light
Lee Noble "Your Privelege" from Horrorism
Dead Luke "God of Nothing" from Meanwhile. . . In The Midwest
Spacemen 3 "Take Me To the Other Side" from The Perfect Prescription
No Neck Blues Band "The Natural Bridge" from Sticks and Stones May Break . . . 
Sun City Girls "Gum Arabic" from Gum Arabic

"Desire Isn't Suffering" Lee Noble from Bathetic Records on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FFFreakout #283 - David Solo - (Aired on 10/13/11)

Village of Spaces "Ovum's Influence" from Alchemy & Trust
Mr. Marks and the Secretaries "McC II" from Borgata Boredom
The Bombay Sweets "Wolf's Breath" from S/T EP
The Blind Shake "They're All Gone" from Seriousness
Shellac "Dog and Pony Show" from At Action Park
Bardo Pond "Wank" from Amanita
Julian Lynch "Natalie Barney's Salon" from How Mata Hari Lost Her . . .
Noveller "Three Windows Facing Three Doors" from Desert Fires
Nico "Janitor of Lunacy" from Desertshore
The Blue Rondos "Baby I Go For You" from You're Holding Me Down
Cluster "Fur Die Katz" from Cluster II
The Rain Parade "I Look Around" from Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
Remora "Let Me Die With A Coin In My Pocket" from Scars Bring Hope
Low "Especially Me" from C'Mon
The Away Team "Drift" from Borgata Boredom

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Monday, October 03, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #26 - A Tribute to Stunned Records

Queen Victoria "Untitled" The Present Tense CS (no. 129)
Nite Lite "Corvid" Marlene CS (no. 134)
(Commentary from Frank Baugh of Sparkling Wide Pressure, Kimberly Dawn Recordings, etc.)
Sparkling Wide Pressure "Hearts" Facing the Nothing World CD-R (no. 74) 
Xiphiidae "Untitled" (excerpt) Pisces Muse CS (no. 101)
(Commentary from Seth Kasselman of Warm Climate and Gul Bara)
Warm Climate "Tourmaline Witches" Pigeon Brides Weigh In CS (no. 136)
(Commentary from Brad Rose of Charlatan, Digitalis Recordings, etc.)
Charlatan "Like Glass" split w/ Spare Death Icon CS (no.  106)
Remote Islands "Houseboat on Schuylkill" Days of Heaven CS (no. 122)
(Commentary from Donato Epiro)
Donato Epiro "Fantasma Di Una Pulce" Sounding the Sun CD-R (no. 52)
Berber Ox "Do That Twice" The Great Parenthesis CS (no. 130) 
(Commentary from Eric Hardiman of Rambutan, Tape Drift Records, etc.)
Rambutan "Returning to the Entrance" Broken Infinity CD-R/CS (no. 38/100)
M. Geddes Gengras  "Untitled" (excerpt) The Empty Space CS (no. 135)
(Commentary from William Giacchi of Super Minerals, Eureka, etc.)
Super Minerals "Be Brave Children Of The Monsoon..." (excerpt) Contacteer CS (no. 128)
Pimmon "Block Cipher" (excerpt) Lay Down Real Slow CS (no. 133) 
(Closing comments from Phil & Myste French of Stunned Records)

For me, Stunned Records was truly one of the main inspirations for starting up the Free Form Freakout webcasts. I was consistently moved by the wide-ranging sounds that they were putting out and was, quite simply, just looking for an outlet to maybe let a few other people hear about some of this incredible music that I was getting ahold of. Not only was the first track that I ever played on these shows a Stunned release, a Warm Climate track to be exact, but the first interview feature show was done with Phil French from Stunned. And over the past year, I’ve continued to spotlight at least some of the tapes that came out with each new batch they released.

As Stunned has now officially come to a close, I felt compelled to do something a bit special for this week’s show.  So, in addition to playing a bunch of tracks from the Stunned catalog, including several selections from the final batch of tapes, I called on some Stunned alumni to provide some comments on what the label meant to them and their work, which you’ll hear spread throughout the show.

It certainly was no easy task trying to put together a playlist that I felt was fairly representative of the label as a whole and there are, admittedly, some glaring omissions, but I sincerely hope that you enjoy what I've put together here. I do want to extend a big thank you to Phil & Myste and to all the other artists that took the time to lend their voice to this show. I encourage you to do the same by sharing your own thoughts on the label, or perhaps some of your favorite Stunned releases, in the comment section below. Finally, I recommend checking out the newly revamped Discriminate Music website to snatched up the remaining copies of that last Stunned batch and any of their other releases you can get your hands on right now!!