Saturday, February 12, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #11 - Graham Lambkin Feature

The Shadow Ring "Tiny Creatures" Life Review (1993-2003) 2CD (KYE)
(Interview section)
The Shadow Ring "Watch The Water" Hold Onto I.D. CD (Siltbreeze)
The Shadow Ring "We're Complex Piss" Life Review (1993-2003) 2CD (KYE)
The Shadow Ring "Hold It There" I'm Some Songs sessions (unreleased)
(Interview section)
Graham Lambkin "20:40"(#2-excerpt) Softly Softly Copy Copy CD (KYE)
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet "Color Drip" Air Supply CD (Erstwhile)
Elklink "Farm Stories #6" Farm Stories CD-R (self-released)
Elklink "Pam, Linda, and Minor Members" The Rise of Elklink LP reissue (KYE)
(Interview section)
Vanessa Rosetto "Swim Bladder" Mineral Orange LP (KYE)
Vincent Over the Sink "Branded Dust" Dust Studies 7" (KYE)
Idea Fire Company "Open Sesame" Music From the Impossible Salon LP (forthcoming) (KYE)

We recently had a chance to speak with Graham Lambkin, who was a member of The Shadow Ring, one of the most unique groups to emerge from the 90’s underground, who released albums on such reputable labels as Siltbreeze, Swill Radio, and Corpus Hermeticum. Since The Shadow Ring disbanded in 2003, Lambkin has continued to release a number of fascinating works both on his own and with sound artist Jason Lescalleet. He has issued some of these albums on his own KYE label, which he revived in 2007 with his Salmon Run release and has since begun to put out other like-minded artists’ work as well.

We aired that phone conversation with Graham on this week’s show and played some selections from The Shadow Ring, Graham’s solo and duo outings, and other artists from the KYE catalog. Graham also generously provided us with a few rarities and forthcoming tracks.

For general inquiries and to order KYE releases, contact Graham at:

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