Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jandek - Minneapolis Thursday: The Musicians

(Photo taken by Jon Behm of Reviler)

Similar to last year's concert in Mankato, Jandek will be joined by an ensemble made up of Twin Cities-based musicians for his special performance at The Cedar in Minneapolis on Halloween. These musicians come from quite different backgrounds, bringing with them a wide range of musical experiences that should make for an evening of truly captivating sounds. They will be improvising together in that moment for essentially the first time with Jandek, who on this evening will be singing and playing electric guitar.  

Crystal Myslajek - electronic keyboards
(Photo taken from

Tim Glenn - drums/percussion
(Photo taken by Adam Bubolz of Reviler)

Maja Radovanlija - electric rhythm guitar
(Photo taken from Maja's website)

Nelson Devereaux - alto & tenor saxophone/clarinet
(Photo taken from Nelson's website)

Craig Matarrese - electric hollow-body bass
(Photo taken by Jon Behm of Reviler)

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