Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FFFreakout #202 (Aired on 3/4/10)

Castanets - "No Trouble"
Jay Reatard - "Pull Down The Shades"
Dead Moon - "Evil Eye"
Ghost to Falco - "Secrets of the Free"
Joanna Newsom - "Peach, Plum, Pear"
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie - "Lovers & Liars"
Los Silvertones - "Up Tight"
Ruby Suns - "Cinco"
The Clash - "The Guns of Brixton"
Johnny Cash - "Ain't No Grave"
Jeff Bridges - "Hold On Now"
Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses - "Country Roads"
The White Stripes - "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself"
Johnny Cash - "Orange Blossom Special"
Johnny Cash - "Aloha Oe"

*Please Note: Due to a technical glitch FFF #201 was replayed last week instead of this show.

In addition to playing several tracks in honor of Johnny Cash's birthday today, we also played a new Jay Reatard track off the benefit compilation for Chris Knox entitled "Stroke". Here is a brief description of the compilation taken from the Merge Records website:

"In June 2009, Chris Knox suffered a life-altering stroke at his home in Grey Lynn, New Zealand. "Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox" is a celebration of Chris and his music. Chris Knox was instrumental in bringing New Zealand punk and alternative music to international audiences with Tall Dwarfs, Toy Love and his solo work. Artists from the U.S. (Jeff Mangum, Yo La Tengo, Mountain Goats, Will Oldham, Stephin Merritt, Bill Callahan, Lou Barlow, Jay Reatard), New Zealand (The Bats, The Verlaines, The Chills) and the world over have donated their time & talents covering songs from Knox's extensive catalog so that all proceeds can go toward assisting Chris with his recovery. Stay updated on Chris at the Stroke website."

You can lend your support by purchasing this excellent compilation at fine local independent record stores the worldover.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

FFFreakout #201 (Aired on 2/18/10)

Alice - "Que Pouvons Nous Faire Ensemble?"
Unrest - "I Do Believe You Are Blushing"
The Mantles - "What We Do Matters"
Myelin Sheaths - "Drugstore Pharmacy"
The Saints - "(I'm) Stranded"
Wooden Wand - "Vengeance, Pt. 2"
Vampire Hands - "Hung Man (demo)"
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Rock Out"
Funkadelic - "Some More"
Good Day, Montag - "Trevilian Station"
Nullsleep - "The Model"
Black to Comm - "Rauschen"
Kris Kristofferson - "Why Me"
Wire - "12XU"
The Fall - "Bingo Master"
Eat Skull - "Cooking Away to be Happy"
Stiff Little Fingers - "Alternative Ulster"
Dandy Warhols - "Eight Days A Week"
(Outro Music: Unrest - "Champion Nines")

Dave solo and completely wingin' it, how else can you explain Kristofferson to Wire.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FFFreakout #200 (Aired on 2/11/10)

Funkadelic - "Funky Dollar Bill"
Puffy Areolas - "Lutzko Lives"
U.S. Girls - "Red Ford Radio"
Black to Comm - "Musik Fur Alle"
Eat Skull - "Stick to the Formula"
Jennifer Gentle - "I Do Dream You"
Jack Rose - "Miss May's Place"
Epic Soundtracks - "Good Things Come To"
Woven Bones - "I Wanna Be Yr. Boyfriend"
U2 - "Out of Control"
The White Stripes - "You've Got Her in Your Pocket (live)"
Led Zeppelin - "Bring It Own Home"
The Jam - "The Modern World"
Massive Attack - "Karmacoma"
Willie Hutch - "Theme of Foxy Brown"
Curtis Mayfield - "Freddie's Dead (single mix)"

Today's show, technically last week's, marked the four year anniversary of Free Form Freakout. Two hundred shows in and what do you hear? That's right, a couple of old record store nerds botching some basic Ramones trivia (Dave at least). Hey, the ol' memory has gotten a little foggy over the years, but we do want to thank those who've tuned in over the years.

FFFreakout #199 (Aired on 2/4/10)

The Hot Rats - "(You Outta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)"
Supergrass - "Caught By the Fuzz"
The Breeders - "Bang On"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Zero"
Yeasayer - "Ambling Alp"
T. Rex - "Metal Guru"
Beastie Boys - "Gratitude"
Johnny Cash - "God's Gonna Cut You Down"
Buddy Holly - "Not Fade Away"
Surfer Blood - "Swim"
The Go! Team - "Doing It Right"
M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"
Superchunk - "The First Part"
Dolly Parton - "Jolene"
Charlotte Gainsbourg - "IRM"
David Bowie - "Jean Genie"
The Hot Rats - "The Love Cats"
Outro Music: Beastie Boys - "The Pow"

Carl did today's show own his own, playing a couple of the cover versions from the new Hot Rats album called "Turn On". Here's another: