Sunday, January 30, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #10

Death Light "Sucker Dimension" In The Chambers CS (Goaty Tapes)
Horsehair Everywhere "Me and My Red Ghost Hate" The Beginning of a Protracted Struggle LP (La Station Radar)
Call Back The Giants "Autumn Green" S/T LP (Kye)
Charlatan "Vodka Rocks" Romances CS (Tranquility Tapes)
Ghost to Falco "You Never Knew It" Two EPs CS (Eggy)
Spartak "Sleepstalker" Verona CD (Low Point)
Claudio Rocchetti "Northern Exposure" The Carpenter CD (Boring Machines)
Caboladies "Caught in Cradle Flypaper" S/T LP (DNT Records)
Royallen "Untitled" Good Wheel Tea Carpentry 4xCS (Housecraft)
Paul Metzger "Geschenk" Gedanken Splitter LP (Roaratorio)
Angus MacLise "Dreamweapon Benefit . . . pt. 2" Brain Damage in Oklahoma City CD (Siltbreeze)

We were experiencing some technical issues while recording this week's show, so things sound a bit more slurred and blurred than usual. Please pardon the post-dentist-visit-quality of the talk breaks if you will.

Coincidentally, the music selections seemed to fit in fairly well with the unexpected AM sound. Some highlights on this week's show included a track from Death Light's excellent six-song cassette, In The Chambers, which takes a vaguely Residents-like skewed pop sensibility and covers it in an appealing analog haze. There are still copies of this available from Goaty Tapes and a release on Reverb Worship is forthcoming. Open-door, Murfreesburo free rock collective, Horsehair Everywhere, recently dropped a full-length of loud and loose No Neck-style improv on La Station Radar. It's a far cry from Horsehair's, and FFF favorites, Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure) and Lee Noble's (LEE NOBLE) solo work, but certainly no less engaging. Eggy Records from Portland just reissued two previously released EPs from the underrated Ghost to Falco on a single cassette. Unlike Ghost to Falco's Exotic Believers album from last year that featured a cast of thirty-plus contributors, this release find GoF's mainman Eric Crespo in a comparatively freewheelin', loner songwriter mode. Things veered towards the lengthy and hallucinatory in the second half of the show with Royallen's contribution from the amazing Good Wheel Tea Carpentry cassette boxset on Housecraft and the shorter, yet equally mind-erasing, part two of Angus MacLise's "Dreamweapon Benefit for Oklahoma City Police Dept", which also features the likes of Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt.    

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FFFreakout #248 "David Solo" (Aired on 1/27/11)

Deerhunter - "Don't Cry"
Nihiti - "Mighty Neon Fragment" & "The Ringing In (The Sun is Rung)"
Phosphorescent - "Kid"
Forest Swords - "Visits"
Astral Social Club - "Untitled #2" from S/T
Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - "18-39"
Sun City Girls - "Sev Acher"
Pumice - "Persevere"
Velvet Underground - "Foggy Notion" (live in San Francisco 11-8-69)
Charles Manson - "Garbage Dump"
The Golden Dawn - "I'll Be Around"
Shahs - "Money for Nothing"
Hype Williams - "Blue Dream"
Cheval Sombre - "I Found It Not So"
UV Race - "I'm So Tired"

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FFFreakout #247 "Carl Solo" (Aired on 1/20/11)

Matthew Sweet - "Girlfriend"
The Jayhawks - "Keith & Quentin"
The Jayhawks - "Last Cigarette"
The Jayhawks - "Waiting for the Sun"
The Breeders - "Drivin' on 9"
The Decemberists - "This Is Why We Fight"
Big Audio Dynamite - "Bottom Line"
Primal Scream - "Loaded"
Gang of Four - "To Hell With Poverty"
Brad Senne - "Road Trip"
Bob Marley - "Stir It Ip" (original)
Johnny Cash - "Redemption Song"
The Beatles - "And Your Bird Can Sing"
The Only Ones - "Another Girl, Another Planet"
The Go! Team - "Doing It Right"
Ramones - "Blitzkrieg Bop"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #9

The Electric Bunnies "All the Pretty Girls Have Gone to the Beach" CDRSCY2 7" (Columbus Discount)
Panabrite "Rapid Current" Nordsee/Contemplating the Observatory CS (Digitalis Ltd.)
Super Minerals "Track 2/Side B" The Hoax CS (Stunned)
Lighted "Side B" S/T - Centuries of Decay #3 (Centuries of Decay)
Earthmasters "Beheaded" Beheaded CS (Eggy)
The C&B "Kent Custer" 1991 pre-Shadow Ring Recordings 7" (Siltbreeze)
Rogue Cop "B3" You're About as Romantic as a Pair of Handcuffs CS (Stunned)
The Parasites of the Western World "Accessories" S/T LP (De Stijl)
Hadaka No Rallizes "Otherwise My Conviction" Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go CD (10th Avenue Freeze Out)
Smegma "Unseasonal Noise Droppings" S/T LP (La Station Radar)
Rafael Toral "I.II" Space Elements Vol. 1 LP (Taiga)
George Cartwright & Davu Seru "Push Shove" Rag LP (Roaratorio)
Harmonizer "5th Ward" S/T CS (NNA Tapes)

The new year starts off with a bang with a couple of great tape batches from two of our favorite labels: Digitalis and Stunned. Plucked a few favorites from the stack to play on this week's webcast, among them this incredibly massive single cassette reissue of Panabrite's first two full-lengths Nordsee & Contemplating the Observatory. Panabrite is another synth project helmed by a guy named Norm Chambers out of Seattle. I say "another" in this case because there has certainly been no shortage of synthesizer-based music coming out over the past few years, but Panabrite offers a fairly unique take on things, injecting bits of acoustic instrumentation into his bright and bubbly song-like concoctions. Super Minerals, the duo of Phil French and William Giacchi, step into a whole new dimension on The Hoax, a total trip of an album that at times rivals the sort of oddly rhythmic, multi-layered alien sound scrabble heard on Xiphiidae's recent Pisces Muse tape. If you've been blown away by Bill Orcutt's recent acoustic guitar detonations, you might want to check out his electrified counterpart in Rogue Cop, not that there's really any parallels between their sound or style in any way, shape, or form, both just totally re-imagining the possibilities of the guitar in general. Had to bust out some of the old Portland weirdness with The Parasites of the Western World and Smegma too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FFFreakout #246 "David Solo" (Aired on 1/13/11)

Japan - "The Unconventional"
The Bats - "Holiday"
The Great Unwashed - "Neck of the Woods"
L. Winter - "The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow"
Cecil Barfield - "I Told You Not To Do That"
Circuit des Yeux - "Self Satisfaction"
Sun Dial - "Magic Potion"
Ghostband - "No Nutzzz"
Mount Kimbie - "Before I Move Off"
Mashado - Untitled #5 from itztym2go
Drexciya - "Species of the Pod"
Sun Ra - "Nebulae"
Orange Juice - "Falling and Laughing"
Jeremy Jay - "Gallop"
The Clean - "Point That Thing Somewhere Else"

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We played a track off of Ghostband's cool new cassette "Verdical" which just came out on the Moon Glyph label. Here's a video for another Ghostband track, showcasing some nice Twin Cities-related gig poster love.

Friday, January 07, 2011

FFFreakout #245 "Best of 2010 Pt. 2" (Aired on 1/6/11)

#The Roots & John Legend "Hard Times" from Wake Up!
#Robert Plant "Silver Rider" from Band of Joy
#Neil Young "Walk With Me" from Le Noise
#Ratatat "Neckbrace" from LP4
#MGMT "Congratulations" from Congratulations
#Edison High School Band "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" from MN Beatle Project, Vol. 2
*Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month "Mom's House" from Your Wicked Man
*Naked on the Vague "Cryptic Tonsil" from Wet Hair/Naked on the Vague split
*Lee Noble "Terror High" from Creeping Death Fever
*Magic Lanterns "Dark Cicadas" from Platoon
*Forest Swords "The Light" from Daggar Paths
*Gonjasufi "She Gone" from A Sufi and A Killer
*Leisure Birds "Burn the Beach" from Regolith Vol. 1
*Omar Souleyman "Li Raja Behawakon" from Jazeera Nights

#=Carl's Picks
*=David's Picks

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #8

Cough Cool "Congrats" S/T CS (Sweat Lodge Guru)
Circuit des Yeux "Barrel Down" Ode to Fidelity 7" (De Stijl)
Deathly Fighters "Contacters" CDRSCY2 7" (Columbus Discount)
Dirty Beaches "Paris" Night City CS (Night People)
Savage Young Taterbug "Nightmare of Party Children" Bored Fortress 7" Club (Not Not Fun)
Ryan Garbes "Carved in Luxury" S/T CS (NNA Tapes)
Lee Noble "Real Light on Real Objects" Sparkling Wide Pressure split CS (Bathetic)
Konntinent "44 55 33" Opal Island CD (Home Normal)
Henry Flynt "The Snake" Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol. 1 CD (Locust)
Alan Sondheim "776" Ritual-All-7-70 CD (ESP-Disk)
Hayvanlar Alemi "Karpuzkafa 777" Guarana Superpower LP (Sublime Frequencies)
Cloudcraft "Swirly Morning Raga" S/T LP (Social Music Record Club)

Happy New Year from Free Form Freakout!!! For this week's webcast, we played mostly some new 7" and cassette material that recently arrived, among them this absolute bone-chilling A side from the new Circuit des Yeux Ode to Fidelity single, a promising cut amongst the last batch of the Columbus Discount Records Subscription Club from Deathly Fighters, and another ripper from the always reliable Lee Noble. We also spun some new full-length wax from Hayvanlar Alemi on Sublime Frequencies. If Funeral Mariachi got you craving some classic Sun City Girls aktion, I'd highly recommend picking this one up. Also, arriving just in time for the holidays was the first batch from the Social Music Record & Tape Club, which included the first full-length from Cloudcraft, a new project by Theo Angell and Hamish Kilgour (The Clean). It's an album's worth of gorgeous ragas that can still be had if you head over to the Social Music website.