Thursday, December 22, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #31

Jakob Olausson “When Your Bridges Burn” Morning & Sunrise LP* (De Stijl
Stare Case “Don’t Get Caught” Lose Today LP (De Stijl
The Polyps “II” Ant On The Golden Cone LP (Hello Sunshine)
Kraus “Summer Is Icumen In” Supreme Commander CS (Dungeon Taxis
Alpha Strategy “Append and Divide” Muck 12” (Ownness
Rambutan “The Chamber” Partial Wires CS (Hooker Vision)
Dain Daller “4:01” The Tirehouse Tapes Vol. 1 CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Henry & Hazel Slaughter “Track #4” Demo CD-R (American Tapes)
Dead Reptile Shrine “Blasphemous Coven” The Sun of Circles and Wood 2LP (Weird Forest)
Burning Witch “Tower Place” Crippled Lucifer 2CD (Southern Lord)
Andre Vida “Blues Shuffler” Brud: Volumes I-III 3CD* (PAN)
The Hermetic Trio “untitled” S/T CS (Lighten Up Sounds)
Christopher Merritt “Hundred Waters” split w/ Reedbeds CS (Tranquility Tapes)
Matt Carlson “Robot Nostalgia” Particle Language LP (Draft)
Prayer “untitled” Dawn Chorus (split w/ Nathan McLaughlin) CS (Full of Nothing)

As mentioned in the previous post, I was considering putting together a sort of Best-of 2011 show for this final podcast of the year. But that was tough to justify given how much excellent new music was sitting next to the stereo that I had yet to play on the show, and I'm guessing that more than a few people out there have reached their threshold for lists and countdowns at this point. Plus, there is plenty of material on this week's show that I would stack right up there amongst the best of the year anyways. For starters, Matt Carlson's Particle Language has to be the finest synth-based record I've heard all year. Carlson had me fumbling for words earlier in the year with his Gecko Dream Levels release on Gift Tapes and on this new LP his singular approach is even more apparent. It's quite refreshing actually to hear someone who is dealing with knobs and patches that has broken free of the Kosmische influence. I'd also add that the recording and mastering of this LP is impeccable - the music just jumps off the vinyl. In terms of song-based albums, I've heard few better than Jakob Olausson's Morning & Sunrise that De Stijl put out a few weeks back. I'll have to say, you can get completely lost in this record and "When Your Bridges Burn", which I opened this week's show with, could very well be my favorite song of the year. Another song from this week's show that I can't listen to enough is "Append and Divide" from Rory Hinchey's Alpha Strategy project. I was sold on this album out of the gates with it's Graham Lambkin-designed cover art, but the music holds up too: vintage synth-pop that isn't the least bit derivative. Finally, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this new Andre Vida collection, Brud: Volumes I-III, out on PAN. There's enough ideas and sounds contained in this set to keep a person busy listening for months on end. I swear I could just play this release on shuffle mode and it would make for one hell of an interesting podcast in its own right. Hmmm . . . . something to consider.

I'd like to close by saying thanks to all of the guests that appeared on the show throughout the year and to everyone who took the time to listen and, in many cases, provide feedback. Your support and encouragement has turned what had initially began as a rather half-baked idea into something quite meaningful. Hope you all find the time to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. See you in the new year with more features and more new music. Cheers!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

FFFreakout: Best of 2011 List (Podcast Edition)

So, I was considering putting together one final podcast before the end of the year that featured some of my favorite releases from 2011. Since I have a bunch of new stuff that I'm itching to play, I've decided against it for now and have put together this best-of overview instead. I believe all of these releases have appeared on the show at some point throughout the course of the year or soon will for the show that I'm preparing for later this week. I hope there's maybe a few new or overlooked releases you'll want to check out from this list. Scroll through the Free Form Freakout Podcasts section to track down audio on most of these. Thanks for looking and listening.      

1. Lee Noble “Horrorism” (Bathetic)
2. Pimmon “The Oansome Orbit” (Room40)
3. Rene Hell “The Terminal Symphony” (Type)
4. Alvarius B. “Baroque Primitiva” (Abduction)
5. Haino/O’Rourke/Ambarchi “In A Flash Everything Comes Together . . . " (Black Truffle)
6. Ricardo Donoso “Progress Chance” (Digitalis)
7. Matt Carlson “Particle Language” (Draft)
8. Stare Case “Lose Today” (De Stijl)
9. Red Horse “S/T” (Type)
10. Panabrite “Omni Center” (Sturmundrugs)
11. Matt ‘MV’ Valentine “What I Became” (Woodsist)
12. Terrors “Lagan Qord” (Weird Forest)
13. Bee Mask “Elegy For Beach Friday” (Spectrum Spools)
14. Wet Hair “In Vogue Spirit” (De Stijl)
15. Black Eagle Child “Lobelia” (Preservation)
16. Son of Salami “A Study in Eraser Headless Tape Recording” (Feeding Tube)
17. C. Yantis “Kerning” (Blackest Rainbow)
18. Mamuthones “S/T” (Boring Machines)
19. Quiet Evenings “Intrepid Trips” (Hooker Vision)
20. Elklink “The Rise of Elklink” (KYE)

1. Super Minerals “The Hoax” (Stunned)
2. Sparkling Wide Pressure / Rambutan split (Tape Drift)
3. Matt Carlson “Gecko Dream Levels” (Gift Tapes)
4. Remote Islands “Days of Heaven” (Stunned)
5. Belarisk “II” (Semata Productions) 
6. V/A – “Pacific Support” (Draft)
7. John Zuma St. Pelvyn “Ampex, Stolanoff, Dogwood, Rain” (Lighten Up Sounds)
8. Cannibal Movie “Avorio” (Sound of Cobra)
9. Sean McCann “Mammoth Mountain” (Avant Archive)
10. Spare Death Icon “Survival” (Gift Tapes)
11. Ous Mal “Riioraa/Viime Talvi” (Sweat Lodge Guru)
12. Pierrot Lunaire “Exercise in Futility" (Semata Productions)
13.  Primitive Motion “By Arc or Chord” (Soft Abuse)
14. M. Geddes Gengras “The Empty Space” (Stunned)
15. Christopher Merritt / Reedbeds split (Tranquility Tapes)
16. Banana Head / Phantom Payn split (Goaty Tapes)
17. Grasshopper “Miles in the Sky” (House of Alchemy)
18. V/A - "Sacred Phrases – Inscriptions Vol. 1" (Sacred Phrases)
19.  Nathan McLaughlin “Echolocation #5 (Notice Recordings)
20. Head Boggle "Unsounds and Domo Live" (NNA Tapes)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

FFFreakout #292 (Aired on 12/15/11)

Mohammed Rafi "Jaan Pehechaan" from Ghost World O.S.T.
Elvis Costello "Watching the Detectives" from My Aim Is True
El Vez "Feliz Navidad" from Favorite Hits of Christmas
Primal Scream "Jailbird" from Dirty Hits
Neko Case & The Sadies "Rated X" from Making Singles, Drinking Doubles
Henry Rollins "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" from A Lump of Coal
Freddie Fender "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" from Classic Country - Late '70s
Dave Dudley "Six Days on the Road" from Classic Country - 1960-1964
Peaking Lights "Hey Sparrow" from 936
Circuit des Yeux "3311" from Portrait
John Maus ". . . And The Rain" from We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
Matt 'MV' Valentine "Hit the Trails" from What I Became
Kurt Vile "Baby's Arms" from Smoke Ring For My Halo
Ricardo Donoso "Klatu" from Progress Chance

A FFFavorite of 2011:


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #30 - Ricardo Donoso / Semata Productions Feature

Ricardo Donoso "Baiting Disappointment" Progress Chance LP (Digitalis)
(Interview segment)
Perispirit "14th Annual Seance (Part 1)" Spiritual Church Movement (*forthcoming LP on Digitalis)
Ricardo Donoso "Zerovinteum" Zerovinteum b/w Plate Fourteen 7" (SEM-003)
Ricardo Donoso "Equivalence of the Thirteen" (*forthcoming 2LP in 2012)
(Interview segment)
Belarisk "Advanced Orbit, Decrepit Realm" II CS (SEM-020)
Work/Death "Like Two Little Magnets" Tender Comrades CD (SEM-018)
Pierrot Lunaire "Chimera" Exercise in Futility CS (SEM-021)
(Interview segment)
KPLR "Compressor" Errorrhythm (*forthcoming LP on Semata)
Ouxatil 95 "Drain95UK" Drain95UK (*forthcoming CS on Semata)
Keith Fullerton Whitman excerpt from Live at Smash Palace (*forthcoming CS on Semata)

On this week's podcast show, we air our recent phone interview with Boston-based composer and musician, Ricardo Donoso. Having created one of this year's finest albums in Progress Chance, and now set to unleash his next Digitalis-backed release, Spiritual Church Movementwith his experimental electronic duo Perispirit in the coming month, we were happy to get a chance to ask Ricardo some questions about his music and Semata Productions, the micro-label he has been running since 2008. And if that wasn't enough, Ricardo went and sweetened the deal by providing us with a bunch of tracks from forthcoming Semata releases due out in the coming year, not to mention something from the new Perispirit album and his next solo release that he his currently putting the finishing touches on.

Check out the Semata Productions website for more information and to order some of the currently available titles.

FFFreakout #291 (Aired on 12/8/11)

Heatsick "Tertiary" from Intersex
Andre Vida "Put It In Your Pocket" from Brud: Volumes I-III
Pigeons "Behind the Reeds" from Theysweetheartstammers
Warm Climate "We Buy Broken Gold" from Pigeon Brides Weigh In
Jakob Olausson "When Your Bridges Burn" from Morning & Sunrise
Silver Apples "Oscillations" from S/T
Plagal Grind "Midnight Blue Vision" from Xpressway Pile-Up
Charlie Parr (feat. Nicholas Mrozinski) "Rocky Raccoon from Minnesota Beatle Project
David Simonett "Gravity of the Situation" from Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt
The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" from El Camino
Neil Diamond "America" from The Jazz Singer 7"
Coyote McCloud (feat. Clara Peller) "Where's the Beef?" from Where's The Beef promo 7"
Iron Maiden "Flight of Icarus" from Flight of Icarus promo 7"

André Vida "Put It In Your Pocket" from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

FFFreakout #290 (Aired on 12/1/11)

Jakob Olausson "Don't Drown in Sorrows" from Morning & Sunrise
The Parasites of the Western World "Politico" from b/w Zytol Automation 7"
Hermit Thrushes "Braided Stone" from Mystery Ocean
Comet Gain "Clang of the Concrete" from Howl of the Lonely Crowd
Happy Jawbone Family Band "My Affectionate Eye Disease" from OK Midnight, You Win
Sorry "Keep A Cool Head" from But How?
James Ferraro "Adventures in Green Foot Printing" from Far Side Virtual
Devo "Freedom of Choice" from b/w Snowball 7"
Yoko Ono "Will You Touch Me" from No, No, No 7"
The Rolling Stones "Little T & A" from Waiting On A Friend 7"
Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, & Carl Perkins "I Saw the Light" from The Survivors 7"
John L. Ritter "The Legend of Bud Grant" from Viking Fight Song 7"
Herbie Hancock "Rockit" (album version) from Rockit 7"
Mr. T "Mr. T's Commandment" from Mr. T's Commandment 7"

A Free Form Freakout first - Carl acknowledges an appreciation for the music of Yoko Ono!!!