Sunday, February 27, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #12 - Night-People/Wet Hair Feature with Shawn Reed

Wet Hair "In the Garden of the Pharoahs" Naked on the Vague split LP (NP100)
(Interview section)
The Twerps "Good Advice" S/T CS (NP084)
We Shave "Creme Dream Blues II" In The Flesh CS (NP121)
Dan Melchoir und Das Menace "Inconsequential Things" S/T CS (NP116)
Yves/Son/Ace "Style Promotion" Unsung CS (NP118)
Blanche Blanche Blanche "Heroes of the Microphone" (*forthcoming CS)
Eklin "Polan" (*forthcoming CS)
(Interview section)
Terror Bird "We Were Monsters" Human Culture LP (NP115)
Naked on the Vague "Cryptic Tonsil" Wet Hair split LP (NP100)
Peaking Lights "All the Good Songs Have Been Written" Imaginary Falcons LP (NP059)
Dirty Beaches "Don't Let the Devil Find You" Double Feature split (*forthcoming LP)
Ela Orleans "I Know" Double Feature split (*forthcoming LP)
(Interview section)
Wet Hair "Echo Lady" In Vogue Spirit (*forthcoming LP on De Stijl)
Outro Music: Wet Hair "Cult Electric Annihilation" Dream LP (Not Not Fun)

We recently had a chance to chat with Shawn Reed, who doubles his time running the great Night-People label out of Iowa City and performing in the group Wet Hair. We discuss how Night-People has evolved over the years, the distinctive silkscreen artwork that he creates, and some of the other projects he has in the works. We also talk about recent developments with Wet Hair and the new album they just recorded called In Vogue Spirit, which is slated for release on the De Stijl label later this spring. In addition to airing this conversation, we play some cassette and vinyl selections from the Night-People catalog, including a few forthcoming tracks that Shawn had provided for us. We also spin the excellent opening track from that new Wet Hair album.

Check out the Night-People website for more information about their releases and to order directly.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FFFreakout #252 "David Solo" (Aired on 2/24/11)

Love Cry Want - "Peace (For Dakota and Jason)"
This Kind of Punishment - "Immigration Song"
25 Cents - "The Witch"
The Bats - "North By North"
The Rip - "The Holy Room"
The Terminals - "Batwing"
Mashado - Untitled #4 from Domino CD-R
Low Red Center - "Trace Elements"
Instant Automatons - "Scared To Be Alone"
Call Back the Giants - "Call Back the Giants"
Digital Dinosaurs - "The Sideways Man"
Jane Weaver Septieme Soeure - "Turning in Circles"
Moondog - "Rabbit Hop"
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Freaks for the Festival"
Sarolta Zalatnay - "Hadd mondjam el"
(Outro music: Rashaan Roland Kirk -"Echoes of Primitive Ohio & Chili Dogs")

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Our thoughts are with those folks in Christchurch, NZ this week. Broke out a set of classic Flying Nun tracks that were recorded in Christchurch during the 80's.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FFFreakout #251 "Carl Solo" (Live on 2/17/11)

The White Stripes - "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself"
Wanda Jackson - "Dust on the Bible"
Wanda Jackson - "Rip It Up"
Sleigh Bells - "Rill Rill"
R.E.M. - "Gardening at Night"
P.J. Harvey - "Let England Shake"
Prince - "Dirty Mind"
Southern Culture on the Skids - "Dirt Track Date"
Dears - "Thrones"
Camper Van Beethoven - "Eye of Fatima"
Wings - "Jet"
Otis Redding - "Shake"
Yma Sumac - "Taki Rari"
Nancy Sinatra - "How Does That Grab You, Darlin?"
The Cure - "Love Cats"
LCD Soundsystem - "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #11 - Graham Lambkin Feature

The Shadow Ring "Tiny Creatures" Life Review (1993-2003) 2CD (KYE)
(Interview section)
The Shadow Ring "Watch The Water" Hold Onto I.D. CD (Siltbreeze)
The Shadow Ring "We're Complex Piss" Life Review (1993-2003) 2CD (KYE)
The Shadow Ring "Hold It There" I'm Some Songs sessions (unreleased)
(Interview section)
Graham Lambkin "20:40"(#2-excerpt) Softly Softly Copy Copy CD (KYE)
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet "Color Drip" Air Supply CD (Erstwhile)
Elklink "Farm Stories #6" Farm Stories CD-R (self-released)
Elklink "Pam, Linda, and Minor Members" The Rise of Elklink LP reissue (KYE)
(Interview section)
Vanessa Rosetto "Swim Bladder" Mineral Orange LP (KYE)
Vincent Over the Sink "Branded Dust" Dust Studies 7" (KYE)
Idea Fire Company "Open Sesame" Music From the Impossible Salon LP (forthcoming) (KYE)

We recently had a chance to speak with Graham Lambkin, who was a member of The Shadow Ring, one of the most unique groups to emerge from the 90’s underground, who released albums on such reputable labels as Siltbreeze, Swill Radio, and Corpus Hermeticum. Since The Shadow Ring disbanded in 2003, Lambkin has continued to release a number of fascinating works both on his own and with sound artist Jason Lescalleet. He has issued some of these albums on his own KYE label, which he revived in 2007 with his Salmon Run release and has since begun to put out other like-minded artists’ work as well.

We aired that phone conversation with Graham on this week’s show and played some selections from The Shadow Ring, Graham’s solo and duo outings, and other artists from the KYE catalog. Graham also generously provided us with a few rarities and forthcoming tracks.

For general inquiries and to order KYE releases, contact Graham at:

FFFreakout #250 "Carl Brings A Love Supreme" (Aired on 2/10/11)

Love Unlimited Orchestra - "Love's Theme"
The Beatles - "All You Need Is Love"
Dusty Springfield - "The Look of Love"
Patience & Prudence - "Tonight You Belong To Me"
Pete Townshend - "Let My Love Open the Door"
Elvis Costello - "My Bloody Valentine"
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - "69 Erotic Year"
Al Green - "I'm Still in Love With You"
Ray Charles - "The Right Time"
Elvis Presley - "Can't Help Falling in Love"
Sade - "No Ordinary Love"
Lionel Ritchie - "You Are"
Barry White - "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More Baby"
Bill Withers - "Just The Two Of Us"

Carl broke out some soft rock jams on today's show and we called in The Quiet Storm's Moe, blessed with the sexiest voice on the radio, to help us increase the love in preparation for Valentine's Day. It was unanimous: Sade is a must!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

FFFreakout #249 "5th Anniversary Show & Captain Beefheart Special" (Aired on 2/3/11)

"Just Got Back From the City" from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Zig Zag Wanderer" from Safe As Milk
"Abba Zaba" from Safe As Milk
"Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones" from Strictly Personal
"Moonlight on Vermont" from Trout Mask Replica
"Orange Claw Hammer" from Trout Mask Replica
"Hobo Chang Ba" (Trout Mask House Sessions) from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Ella Guru" (Trout Mask House Sessions) from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Doctor Dark" from Lick My Decals Off, Baby
"Low Yo Yo Stuff" from Clear Spot
"Grow Fins" from The Spotlight Kid
"Harp Boogie III" (1972 Radio Phone In) from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Party of Special Things To Do" from Bluejeans & Moonbeams
"Bat Chain Puller" from Bat Chain Puller
"Run Paint Run Run" from Doc At the Radar Station
"Cardboard Cutout Caucasian" from Ice Cream For Cream
"Electricity" from Safe As Milk

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This week we celebrated our 5th year of doing Free Form Freakout. What have we learned over those years you ask? Very little, in fact, other than each week still feels like a new adventure and we still enjoy getting together to play music for each other and for those that tune in. For this show, we thought it would be fitting to play a bunch of music from Captain Beefheart, an artist that has been a part of our conversations over the years, not only as a way to mark this occasion, but to celebrate his life and music in light of his recent passing. Thanks to those who have listened over the years and a special thanks to those folks that have joined us on the show to discuss their record labels, their music, their radio programs, their musical interests. Here's to five more years . . .