Monday, July 11, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #22

Ostracon “Entropy Procedure” Unauthorized Modifications CD (Unearthed Music)
Mist “Mist House” House 2LP (Spectrum Spools)
Satan Is My Brother “Movimento III” A Forest Dark CD (Boring Machines)
Alvarius B. “Mussolini’s Exit” Baroque Primitiva CD (Abduction)
Circuit des Yeux “Twenty & Dry” Portrait LP (De Stijl)
Mudboy “Starlight” This Is Folk Music LP (Weird Forest)
Three Legged Race “Permethrin III” As Ed Sunspot CS (Night People)
Cellophane Spill “Zaj Mak Ta” S/T CS (Night People)
Contrepoison “Heartbeat” Until Next Morning digital promo (Avant! Records)
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie “Breast Stroke” Flaming Tunes CD (Life and Living)
Brute Heart “Satellite” Lonely Hunter LP (Soft Abuse)
David Sutton “Arcadia” American Wildlife CD-R (HP Gem and Crystal Society)
Telecult Powers “A Tale From the New Crow Gnostic Lodge” Neon Marshmallow 2011 Comp CS (Neon Marshmallow)
Threshholders "Ear Plugger" Threshholders II CD-R (Tape Drift)

I was a little concerned with how this week's webcast was going to pan out after having this new Gal Bara/Ugly Husbands split tape get chowed in the opening minutes and having to start from scratch. I believe it was Live After Death back in junior high when that last occurred, but I can assure you that the Gal Bara track that I was going to play is a keeper. Anything Warm Climate-related you know is going to be fascinating to say the least. Some highlights from this week's show that we were actually able to play would have to include a track from Circuit des Yeux's (a.k.a. Haley Fohr) Portrait, her third full-length offering for De Stijl. I find myself coming back to this album again-and-again. It's sort of fitting that there is a nod to Mr. Pink Reason on the back jacket as this carries some of the same bleak beauty and intensity as his seminal Cleansing the Mirror did a few years back. Fohr's sound underwent some 'cleansing' of its own on this album, but this only spotlights what a truly gifted songwriter she really is. We also just got in a healthy serving from the latest Night People tape batch. While there is plenty from this to play and discuss, two of the standout releases for me thus far have been the ones from Three Legged Race and Cellophane Spill. Amongst the deluge of synth-based music, Robert Beatty's Three Legged Race project offers a refreshing take on the form, weaving together a wide array of ever-evolving sounds. Cellophane Spill, who reportedly have ties to Austin's Low Red Center, are working in a somewhat comparable minimal wave/early industrial vein as that group, but with the sort of spirit for experimentation that units like the Storm Bugs embraced. We also played a track from one of our local favs, Brute Heart, off their recent Lonely Hunter release on Soft Abuse. And speaking of Soft Abuse, Chris Berry from the label will be joining us in the studio again in the coming weeks to spin some records and let us know what's in store for the label. What he actually plans to play is still a mystery to me, but there have been whispers of new Pumice, so if that means anything to you, then you might want to check back.

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