Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jandek Study Group Overnight #7: Post-Show Reflections

On this final edition of the Jandek Study Group Overnight, we got the 'Mankato Saturday' musicians back together to offer some reflections on their experience playing with/as Jandek this past weekend. A big thanks to Craig, Charles, Adam and Brian for chatting with us once again and for their musical contributions to this very memorable performance.

*Photo taken by Jon Behm from Reviler

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FFFreakout #335 - Fall Pledge Drive - (Aired on 10/25/12)

CS Yeh "The New Guy" from Transitions
Samara Lubelski "Merch Girls" from Wavelength
Robust Worlds " Human Stomp" from Emotional Planet
Big Star "I Am The Cosmos" from Keep An Eye On The Sky boxset
CS Yeh "Transitions" from Transitions
Samara Lubelski "Age of Decay" from Wavelength
Paul Westerberg "Knockin' One More" from 14 Songs
Teenage Fanclub "The Concept" from Bandwagonesque
Semisonic "Across the Great Divide" from The Great Divide
The Replacements "I Will Dare" from Let It Be
Material Issue "Diane" from International Pop Overthrow
Matthew Sweet "I've Been Waiting" from Goodfriends

KMSU kicked off its Fall Pledge Drive this week and we are hoping to hear from some of you FFF listeners out there. Our station relies heavily on listener support to help pay for the majority of its regular operating costs, which seem to be increasing at an alarming rate in recent years. If you value the type of programming that our station offers or what FFF is up to, then we really need to hear from you. You can make a pledge in any dollar amount by calling 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. You can also donate online at

FFF will be offering some exclusive pledge drive premiums made available by the good folks at De Stijl Records on Thursday's show. For every $25 pledge, you can pick out one of their recent CD releases from CS Yeh, Samara Lubelski, or Robust Worlds.

Also, the station is offering up the amazing 4CD Big Star box set entitled "Keep An Eye On The Sky" at the $100 pledge level. To sweeten the deal, Carl is throwing in an extra $20 gift card to Tune Town for every person that pledges at this level. So, that's some serious extra bang for your buck.

As always, thanks for listening!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mankato Saturday: The Jandek Pre-Concert Mix

This was the pre-concert mix that Free Form Freakout put together for the Jandek show in Mankato this past weekend. The photo was taken by Jon Behm from the Minneapolis-based music blog, Reviler. Read a well-written review of this phenomenal performance over at the City Pages.

Pedestrian Deposit “Under A Veil of Living Light” (excerpt) from Kithless
Richard Skelton “Of the Last Generation” from Landings
Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan “An Unknown Gentleman” from Vanity Fair
Rain Drinkers “Helix II” from Yesodic Helices
Oren Ambarchi “Salt” from Audience of One
Nuojuva “Pihlajan varjoissa” from Valot Kaukaa
Mirror to Mirror “Burning Life” from Body Moving Slowly
Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith “Everydayness” from 20 Years
Call Back the Giants “The Pharoah Man” from The Rising
Ezekial Honig “A Closed Loop That Opens Everywhere” from Folding In On Itself 
Flying Saucer Attack “In The Light of Time” from Further 
Twinsistermoon “Kingdom of the Sea” from The Snowbringer Cult
Jakob Olausson “When Your Bridges Burned” from Morning and Sunrise
Donato Epiro “Fantasma Di Una Pulce” from Sounding the Sun
The No-Neck Blues Band “Witch” from Intonomancy

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jandek Study Group Overnight #6: The Backing Musicians

On this week's Jandek Study Group Overnight show, we spoke with all of the musicians that will be performing with the Representative from Corwood on Saturday, October 20th at the Elias J. Halling Recital Hall in Mankato. The musicians are: Brian DeGayner (French Horn), Craig B. Mataresse (Electric Bass), Charles Gillett (Electric guitar), and Adam Patterson (Drums/ Percussion). Our conversations with each of the musicians focused on their general thoughts on Jandek's music, his overall approach to live performance, and how one prepares to perform in such a unique and in-the-moment experience. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

FFFreakout #334 (Aired 10/18/12)

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments "My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up)" from Bait and Switch
Claps "Glory, Glory" from Glory, Glory
Heatsick "Tertiary" from Intersex
Pigeons "Dead Echo" from They Sweetheartstammers
Panabrite "Janus" from Soft Terminal
Richard Youngs "Collapsing Stars" from Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits
Jandek "Part 4" from Where Do You Go From Here
Woods "Death Rattles" from At Echo Lake
The Coolies "Ghost Baby" from Master
Kukl "Gibraltar (Copy Thy Neighbour)" from Holidays in Europe (The Naughty Nought)
Throbbing Gristle "United" from The Second Annual Report
The Shadow Ring "Media Egg" from Remains Unchanged
Patty Waters "You Thrill Me" from Sings
Mirror to Mirror "Don't Just Yet" from Body Moving Slowly

Jandek will be performing this Saturday in Mankato. Tickets can still be purchased at the door.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

FFFreakout #333 (Aired on 10/11/12)

Food Pyramid "March Bar" from The Wire Tapper 30
CS Yeh "Whose Life" from Transitions
Blank Dogs "Twenty Two" from On Two Sides
Sleater-Kinney "What's Mine Is Yours" from The Woods
Loren Mazzacane Connors "The Gathering" from Harmony of the Spheres
Michael Chapman "Fahey's Flag" from Trainsong: Guitar Compositions 1967-2010
Jandek "No Slow Ones" from Telegraph Melts
Brigritte Fontaine and Areski "Ca Va Faire Un Hit" from The BYG Deal
The Beach Boys "I Know There's An Answer" from Pet Sounds
The Psychedelic Furs "Pretty In Pink" from Talk Talk Talk
Prince "Dirty Mind" from Dirty Mind
The Teardrop Explodes "Reward" from Kilimanjaro
Gorillaz "Rock the House" from S/T
The Dead Milkmen "Smoking Banana Peels" from Beelzebubba
White Zombie "Thunder kiss '65" from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1
Wire "12 X U" from Pink Flag

Jandek Study Group Overnight #5: Commentary

This week's edition of the Jandek Study Group Overnight featured lengthy interview segments with three individuals who are well-versed in the world of Jandek. You'll hear Chad Friedrichs (director of the Jandek on Corwood documentary), Bill Shute (poet, writer, and publisher), and Gary Pig Gold (writer, musician, and record producer) offer thoughtful commentary on Jandek's music and his unique approach to making and presenting it.  

Monday, October 08, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #7

CS Yeh “Starts With A Look” Transitions CD/LP (De Stijl)
Robust Worlds “Human Stomp” Emotional Planet CD/LP (De Stijl)
Flavor Crystals “Ivan in the Park” Three 3LP (Mpls. Ltd.)
Talk West “Heavenly Farm / Whispering Line” Old Wired Fault CS (Tape Drift)
Mike Bruno + The Black Magic Family Band “Gates of Gloom” The Willing of the Wisps CS (Haute Magie)
Reuben Son “02.01.2011” Days Gone By 7” (Wagtail)
Alvarius B. “Black Eyes Boat” S/T 2CD (Abduction)
Natural Snow Buildings “Night Coercion” Night Coercion Into the Company of Witches 3CD/4LP (Ba Da Bing)
Andreas Brandal “Into Something Else” Staying Is Nowhere CS* (Field Hymns
Mike Shiflet “False Flats” The Choir, The Army LP* (Under the Spire)
Der Plan “Generäle Essen Gerne Erdbeereis” Normalette Surprise LP (Bureau B)
Daring Ear “Ideal Sound” Ideal Sound CS (A Giant Fern)
Élément Kuuda “Moon Dapples (Sunset)” Air Rings Vol. 3 (Digitalis Ltd.
Crystal Palace “Side A (excerpt)” Spirit Quest CS (Rotifer)
Lionel Marchetti “Nous Sommes Du Sans-Lieu” Knud Un Nom De Serpent CD (Intransitive)
Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet “Shattered Capsules (excerpt)" Grapes and Snakes LP (Pan)
Warner Jepson “Totentanz (excerpt)" Totentanz And Other Electronic Works (*Foxy Contributor’s Pick by Bryon Hayes)
Horaflora “oRfLoore / Appopite Opsoire” The Gland Canyon CS (Weird Ear Recordings)
Pouffe “Emperor of Men” Tired and Emotional compilation CS (Dub Ditch Picnic)
Pairs “Grandma Pills” Summer Sweat CS (Bomb Shop)
Cornered Rat “Out of Vogue” Rat In The Box CS (Diskret)
Ava Mendoza with Nick Tamburro “First Time Shapeshifter” Quit Your Unnatural Ways CD/LP (Weird Forest)
Josh Mason “JM3440_A” 3440 (split w/ Nathan McLaughlin) CS (Tape Drift)
Pelt "Wings of Dirt" Effigy 2LP* (Mie Music)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Jandek Study Group Overnight #4

The a capella period of Jandek's catalog is fascinating and unnerving. The three albums from this period are among his starkest and most haunting, and that's saying something from an artist like Jandek. This show features an interview with San Antonio-based poet, writer, publisher, and long-time Jandek fan, Bill Shute. Check out the Kendra Steiner Editions website to find out more about Bill's various pursuits.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

FFFreakout #332 (Aired on 10/4/12)

Samara Lubelski "Jammage Cruiser" from Wavelength
Flavor Crystals "Mirror Chop" from Three
Alexander "Skip" Spence "Cripple Creek" from Oar
Jandek "C F" from Blue Corpse
John Zorn "Peur Sur La Ville" from John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone
Robert Wyatt "East Timor" from Old Rottenhat
The United States of America "The Garden of Earthly Delights" from S/T
Wet Hair "Strange Romance" from Spill Into Atmosphere
The Beatles "Get Back" from Let It Be
Surfer Blood "Floating Vibes" from Astro Coast
INXS "Soul Mistake" from Shabooh Shoobah
Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band "Do Your Thing" from Express Yourself: The Best of ...
John Williams "Theme to Star Wars"
Beck "Devil Got My Woman" from Jackass single

Samara Lubelski "Jammage Cruiser" from De Stijl Records on Vimeo.