Thursday, April 28, 2011

FFFreakout #261 (Aired on 4/28/11)

Panda Bear "Slow Motion" from Tomboy
Bibio "Anything New" from Mind Bokeh
Errors "A Rumour in Africa" from Come Down With Me
Papercuts "Do What You Will" from Fading Parade
Obits "You Gotta Lose" from Moody, Stand and Poor
The Bombay Sweets "Pissing On the Rainbow" from First Demo
The Twerps "Self-Assured" from Black Eyes 7"
STNNNG "New Black Hole" from The Smoke of My Will
Beck "Nobody's Fault But My Own" from Nobody's Fault But My Own Import single
Gorillaz "Tomorrow Comes Today" from Tomorrow Comes Today Import single
Elliott Smith "Division Day" from Division Day/No Name #6 single
Urge Overkill "The Break" (live) from View of the Rain Import single
The Cramps "Monkey With Your Tail" from Big Beat from Badsville
The Pixies "Caribou" from Come On Pilgrim EP

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FFFreakout #260 (Aired on 4/21/11)

Kurt Vile "Society is My Friend" from Smoke Ring For My Halo
Toro Y Moi "New Beat" from Underneath The Pine
10CC "Welcome To The World" from Look Hear?
Tom Tom Club "Challenge of the Love Warriors" from Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom
White Wigs "Passion Kiss" from Beko_Hobo Cult Records Compilation
The United States of America "Hard Coming Love" from S/T
Bad Brains "Stay Close To Me" from Pay to Cum! 7"
Trouble Funk "Trouble Funk Express" from Live/Early Singles
Kraftwerk "Showroom Dummies" from Trans-Europe Express
Harry Pussy "No Hey ..." from You'll Never Play This Town Again
Supreme Dicks "In The Whippoorwill's Sad Orchard" from Working Man's Dick
Low "Try To Sleep" from C'Mon
Demdike Stare "Nothing But the Night 2" from Tryptych
Pumice "Thermos in the Studio" from Quo

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #15

Mist "Sky High" Glowing Net LP (Amethyst Sunset)
Wanda Group "Yellow Gang" Bass Urine CS (NNA Tapes)
Lee Rockey "Untitled" Music LP (De Stijl)
Ela Orleans "Better Friends" Lost LP (La Station Radar)
C. Yantis "Parallels" Kerning LP (Blackest Rainbow)
The Psychic Paramount "RW" II LP (No Quarter)
Unwound "Side Effects of Being Tired" Live in London LP (Loveletter)
Head Boggle "Pink Lloyd" Unsounds and Domo Live CS (NNA Tapes)
PAK "Untitled/Side A" Box CS (Eggy)
Diaz-Infante/Mota/Robair/Rodrigues "Luftzucker" Our Faceless Empire CD (Pax)
Cromagnon "Organic Sundown" Cave Rock ("Orgasm") CD (ESP-Disk)
Pradada "Wasteland Hunters" Beko_Hobo Cult Compilation MP3 (Beko DSL)
Nova Scotian Arms "Mineral Crush" Beko_Hobo Cult Compilation MP3 (Beko DSL)
Nathan McLaughlin "5.1" Echolocation #5 CS (Notice Recordings)

This week's highlights include a couple of the new releases from the excellent NNA Tapes imprint. In terms of chopped-up, outer realm synthetic sounds, the new ones from the mysterious Wanda Group and Derek Gedalecia's Head Boogle project sit right up there with the recent batch from Gift Tapes that I've yapped-up in previous weeks. Wanda Group play 'instruments' a bit like Smegma do, meaning who the hell really knows what's going on. Plus, their Bass Urine treatments rachet up the level of abstraction even further. Head Boggle, one of the more fitting aliases in recent memory, dabble in somewhat similar liquefied sonics that dart every which way. Over the chaotic sprawl of the Domo Live side, however, you realize that Gedalecia indeed has a steady and assured hand on the tiller. Another album that recently caught me off guard was Kerning, a very limited run first full-length offering from C. Yantis out on Blackest Rainbow. Yantis, at times, wields his guitar much in the same way that the guys in Barn Owl do, exploring a sweeping, Americana-infused take on minimalism, albeit at a slightly lower decibel level. That said, he seems just as intent to detonate the whole Folk/Blues tradition ala Bill Orcutt's recent solo outings too. We'll have to see how this plays out on Yantis's forthcoming release on Hobo Cult Records due out this summer. Speaking of Hobo Cult Records, this past week saw the release of an excellent Hobo Cult compilation put out by the Beko Digital Singles Label. I usually don't play many mp3s on the show, but I couldn't help myself with this one. Hell, I was tempted to play the whole shebang, but that seemed a bit much when you can grab a copy for yourself here. We closed out this week's show with just a taster of Nathan Mclaughlin's fantastic new Echolocation #5 cassette. You'll get a chance to hear more though in the coming weeks, as Nathan will be joining us for an in-studio session.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FFFreakout #259 "Spring Pledge Drive Pt.2" (Aired on 4/14/11)

Wet Hair "Echo Lady" from In Vogue Spirit
The Twerps "Black Eyes" from Black Eyes 7"
Slug Guts "Ma" from Howlin' Gang
The Psychic Paramount "N5" from II
Devin Flynn & Gary Panter "Tornader to the Tater" from Go Outside
The Residents "Lizard Lady" from Duck Stab
C. S. Yeh "Condo Stress" from In the Blink of An Eye 7"
Emitt Rhodes "Really Wanted You" from Mirror
Michael Hurley "Ditty Boy Twang" from Wolfways
The Gospel Singers "Noah Found Grace" from Noah Found Grace
Aggrovators "Smoldering Dub" from Trojan Dub Box Set Vol. 2
Low "You See Everything" from C'mon
Low "Especially Me" from C'mon
Nurse With Wound "Rock 'N' Roll Station" from Livin' Fear of James Last
Son of Salami "Fat City" from forthcoming Night People release

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We're in a Rock 'N' Roll Station . . . anything is possible:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

FFFreakout #258 "Spring Pledge Drive" (Live on 4/7/11)

Rodd Keith "Beat of the Traps" from Ecstacy to Frenzy
The Bombay Sweets "Beautiful Fist" from First Demo
The Fresh & Onlys "I'm All Shook Up" from Play It Strange
Jerusalem & the Starbaskets "Chocolate Covered Everyberry" from DOST
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "'Scuse Me, Miss Rose" from Part One
Albert Band "Ella Tiene El Cabello Rubio" from Absolute Belter
Oscar Brown, Jr. "Chicken Heads" from What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves
Little Richard "Nuki Suki" from What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves
G. Love & Special Sauce "Cold Beverages" from G. Love & Special Sauce
Prince "Starfish and Coffee" from Sign O' the Times
Duran Duran "All You Need Is Now" from All You Need Is Now
The Raveonettes "Recharge & Revolt" from Raven in the Grave
The Dambuilders "Shrine" from Encendedor
J. Mascis "Not Enough" from Several Shades of Why

We were live for this week's Spring Pledge Drive show with special guest, Lil' Henry. We spun some tracks from the What It Is! boxset that the station is offering as a premium at the $100 pledge level and we also spun a few things from samplers that will be available for next week's Record Store Day. As of this writing, our station is about 2/3 of the way to meeting its pledge drive goal, so we still need to hear from listeners out there. If you happen to like what Free Form Freakout is up to, or believe in the type of unique programming that college/community stations like KMSU offer, then we encourage you to lend your financial support in any amount that you can swing. You can do so by calling 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. Or even easier, just head over to the KMSU website and click the 'Donate to KMSU' link. Thanks to all those listeners that have stepped-up and supported the station.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #14

Garrincha & The Stolen Elk “I Can Only Paint With One Emotional Tone / Aqueduct Flux” We Were Wyoming CS (Stunned)
Mike Shiflet “Llanos” Llanos CD (self-released)
Matt Carlson “Desert Level” Gecko Dream Levels CS (Gift Tapes)
Yximalloo “The Desk, Smile! #2” Techno Shrine Choir CD (Sakura Wrechords)
Toning “Scuffed Lips” Pitch The Drone CS (Stunned)
Elklink “Tension Tec” The Rise of Elklink LP (KYE)
Primitive Motion “A Straight Line” Certain Materials EP 7” (Soft Abuse)
Storm Bugs “Blackheath Episode” Up the Middle Down the Sides LP (Fusetron)
Velvet Davenport “Island Sand” Summer Island CS (Soothing Almonds Collective)
Lab Coast “Really Realize" Pictures On The Wall CS (Eggy)
TwinSisterMoon “Desert Prophecy” Then Fell The Ashes LP (Blackest Rainbow)
Archers By The Sea “We Used To See Humans” They Were Floating Over the Mountain, They Were Kings LP (La Station Radar)
Haino/O’Rourke/Ambarchi “Once Again You Are Reading It Wrong What Is Written Is To Live” In A Flash Everything Comes Together . . . 2LP (Black Truffle)

Some more new sounds arrived over the past few weeks at the nearly flooded FFF bunker. It was looking like we might have to box up the whole works and head for high ground, but fortunately Mother Nature cooperated with us. So now we just have to deal with that pervasive damp sock and litter box odor, but at least the music collection is safe, right? Some highlights on this week's show include the new cassette from Garrincha & The Stolen Elk from the latest Stunned batch. G&TSE are the Sacramento-based duo of Matt Kretzmann and Davy Bui, Bui being the fellow behind the great Weird Forest label. Joined on this release by Karlos Ayala (bass) and Kevin Corcoran (drums), G&TSE play a refreshing form of explosive, yet intricate, skronk ROCK that has nothing to do with the underground's current fixation with all things Kraut/shoegaze/Spacemen 3/____-wave. Based on this c20, their forthcoming LP on Weird Forest should definitely be something to be on the lookout for. Another release that breaks free from much of the current synth herd is the new cassette from Matt Carlson called Gecko Dream Levels. With rather glossy fidelity, Carlson's whacked-out synth & electronics sounds dart in myriad directions, causing me to duck for cover in the studio. Lastly, more choice DIY sounds to emerge from Down Under with the new Certain Materials EP  from Primitive Motion, the duo of Deadnotes' members Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig. Their brand of homespun, primitive pop sits quite comfortably amongst such notable contemporaries as Peaking Lights and Naked on the Vague. It's ace!, mate.