Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FFFreakout #231 "David Solo" (Aired on 9/30/10)

Hanoi Janes - "The Boys Are Out"
Pumice - "The Screaming Heap"
Pumice - "Heavy Punter"
Olympus - "Heavy Punter"
Rotate the Completor - "Untitled #6"
Mother of Fire - "Death's Apprentice"
Whitesand/Badlands - "Witch Hunting"
To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie - "The Needle"
Skoal Kodiak - "Tinsel Tongue"
Parasites of the Western World - "Mo"
Perry Leopold - "Cold in Philadelphia"
Augustus Pablo - "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown"
Burial - "Near Dark"

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FFFreakout #230 "Carl Solo" (Aired on 9/23/10)

Cornershop - "Put the Finger Back on Rock 'N' Roll"
Robert Plant - "You Can't Buy Me Love"
Of Montreal - "Coquet Couette"
R.E.M. - "Turn You Inside Out"
Neil Young - "One of These Days"
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - "You're So Vain"
Mark Lanegan & Isobell Campbell - "Come Undone"
Jenny & Johnny - "Animal"
Ryan Bingham - "The Wandering"
Surfer Blood - "Swim"
Superchunk - "Learning to Surf"
Skoal Kodiak - "Tinsel Tongue"
Robert Plant - "Monkey"
String-A-Longs - "Wheels"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FFFreakout #229 (Aired on 9/16/10)

Grass Widow - "Fried Egg"
Phantom Payn - "That's Far Beyond Being Funny, Dear"
Coolies - "In Theory"
Dignan Porch - "As You Were"
Ignatz - "Gazing at the Fire"
Noah Howard "Queen Anne"
Skoal Kodiak - "Tinsel Tongue"
Rene Hell - "Prize Mischief Hold"
This Kind of Punishment - "Reaching an End"
Little Francisco Greaves - "Moving-Grooving"
Mike Rep & the Quotas - "Creature with the Atom Brain"
Mayo Thompson - "Venus in the Morning"
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - "My Pal the Tortoise"
Mice Parade - "In Between Times"
(Outro Music: Camden - "Headstone")

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Here's a couple more from the forthcoming Coolies album "Monster", which features FFF favorite Stefan Neville (aka Pumice) on the drums.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

FFFreakout #228 (Aired on 9/9/10)

Daniel Johnston - "Unpack Your Adjectives"
Rev. Horton Heat - "Johnny Quest/Stop that Pigeon"
April March - "Chick Habit"
The Time - "The Bird"
Crystal Castles - "Celestica"
The Beatles - "Only A Northern Song"
Deadstring Brothers - "Tennessee Sure Enough"
Phantom Payn - "Paradox Box"
Olympus - "Is Love An Emotion"
Amen Dunes - "Diane"
Julian Lynch - "Just Enough"
Mother of Fire - "The Eyes in the Trees"
Gate - "Freak"
The Glitch Mob - "A Dream Within A Dream"

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Another essential release from De Stijl Records:
"While in the widely neglected 39 Clocks, he made records that never sold and played gigs that few ever saw, Juergen Gleue has arguably been the most important exponent of electrified German sound since the late 1970s. Phantom Payn Daze was made in the mid to late 90s and has never been released. It's his final LP and is overflowing with all the elements that romanticized, loner / stoner music claims, an encoded expression of highly private feelings, an ambiguous, emotional quotient, and a dark, murkily melodic vibe. It's a record that first and foremost lives and breathes with an endless stream of great songs. But perhaps it's most curious component is it's amazingly prescient sound, a precursor to so many of today's lo fi acts, all wrapped up in their San Francisco hair."

PHANTOM PAYN DAYS - Paradox Box from Tara Sinn on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

FFFreakout #227 "Digitalis Industries/Altar Eagle Feature" (Aired on 9/2/10)

Altar Eagle - "Honey"
Turner Cody - "Up Up High"
Steven R. Smith - "In Light"
Scott Tuma - "Moccasoclea"
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - "Missing Peace"
Radio People - "Designer"
Roll the Dice - "Into the Ground"
Alphabets - "Smile Attack Gleam Force"
Altar Eagle - "Pour Your Dark Heart Out"
Altar Eagle - "Monsters"
Altar Eagle - "Battlegrounds"

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On today's show we aired our recent phone conversation with the husband-wife duo of Brad Rose and Eden Hemming who are the driving force behind Digitalis Industries, which includes the Foxy Digitalis webzine and the Digitalis record label. Rose and Hemming also collaborate together musically in Altar Eagle, their brilliant new electro-pop project. We spun a variety of tracks from the Digitalis catalog, both past and present, as well from Altar Eagle's excellent new album entitled "Mechanical Gardens".

ALTAR EAGLE "Spy Movie" from Digitalis Industries on Vimeo.