Thursday, September 19, 2013

FFFreakout #380 (Aired on 9/19/13)

The 49 Americans "Imagination" from We Know Nonsense
Venom P. Stinger "Hold Me Closer" from 1986-1991
Yo La Tengo "Paddle Forward" from Fade
John Carpenter "Halloween - Theme (mix 1)" from The Essential John Carpenter Film Music Collection
Jandek "Naked in the Afternoon" from Ready For The House
Russell Hoke "No Expectations" from With An Aching Heart
Jack Rose "Bells" from Dr. Ragtime and His Pals
Stereolab "Miss Modular" from Dots and Loops
Frankie Goes To Hollywood "Born To Run" from Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
The Clash "Straight To Hell" (unedited version) from Clash On Broadway
Otis Redding "Mr. Pitiful" from The Definitive Soul Collection
Sweet Lou Snider "Danke Schoen" from Live Nye's Polonaise Room
Tones On Tail "Twist" from Everything!

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