Sunday, January 30, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #10

Death Light "Sucker Dimension" In The Chambers CS (Goaty Tapes)
Horsehair Everywhere "Me and My Red Ghost Hate" The Beginning of a Protracted Struggle LP (La Station Radar)
Call Back The Giants "Autumn Green" S/T LP (Kye)
Charlatan "Vodka Rocks" Romances CS (Tranquility Tapes)
Ghost to Falco "You Never Knew It" Two EPs CS (Eggy)
Spartak "Sleepstalker" Verona CD (Low Point)
Claudio Rocchetti "Northern Exposure" The Carpenter CD (Boring Machines)
Caboladies "Caught in Cradle Flypaper" S/T LP (DNT Records)
Royallen "Untitled" Good Wheel Tea Carpentry 4xCS (Housecraft)
Paul Metzger "Geschenk" Gedanken Splitter LP (Roaratorio)
Angus MacLise "Dreamweapon Benefit . . . pt. 2" Brain Damage in Oklahoma City CD (Siltbreeze)

We were experiencing some technical issues while recording this week's show, so things sound a bit more slurred and blurred than usual. Please pardon the post-dentist-visit-quality of the talk breaks if you will.

Coincidentally, the music selections seemed to fit in fairly well with the unexpected AM sound. Some highlights on this week's show included a track from Death Light's excellent six-song cassette, In The Chambers, which takes a vaguely Residents-like skewed pop sensibility and covers it in an appealing analog haze. There are still copies of this available from Goaty Tapes and a release on Reverb Worship is forthcoming. Open-door, Murfreesburo free rock collective, Horsehair Everywhere, recently dropped a full-length of loud and loose No Neck-style improv on La Station Radar. It's a far cry from Horsehair's, and FFF favorites, Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure) and Lee Noble's (LEE NOBLE) solo work, but certainly no less engaging. Eggy Records from Portland just reissued two previously released EPs from the underrated Ghost to Falco on a single cassette. Unlike Ghost to Falco's Exotic Believers album from last year that featured a cast of thirty-plus contributors, this release find GoF's mainman Eric Crespo in a comparatively freewheelin', loner songwriter mode. Things veered towards the lengthy and hallucinatory in the second half of the show with Royallen's contribution from the amazing Good Wheel Tea Carpentry cassette boxset on Housecraft and the shorter, yet equally mind-erasing, part two of Angus MacLise's "Dreamweapon Benefit for Oklahoma City Police Dept", which also features the likes of Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt.    

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