Sunday, September 16, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #6 with Graham Lambkin

The Shadow Ring “City Lights” City Lights (Dry Leaf Discs) 
John's Children "Sarah Crazy Child" Jagged Time Lapse
(Interview segment) 
The Shadow Ring “Squawk With Me” Remains Unchanged (Kye) 
The Shadow Ring “Horse Meat Cakes” Put The Music In Its Coffin (Siltbreeze)*
The Shadow Ring “Tiny Creatures” Remains Unchanged (Kye) 
The Shadow Ring “You're Holding All Your Feathered Stock” Wax-Work Echoes (Corpus Hermeticum)*
Jan Dukes de Grey "Mice and Rats in the Loft" Mice and Rats in the Loft
(Interview segment) 
The Shadow Ring “Alcove Hair & Hand” Remains Unchanged (Kye) 
The Shadow Ring “The Riverside” Lindus (Swill Radio)*
Mark Perry "Death Looks Down" Snappy Turns
The Shadow Ring "Kako Dresso" Remains Unchanged (Kye) 
Harold Budd "Wanderer" The Serpent (In Quicksilver)
The Shadow Ring “Shallows” Remains Unchanged (Kye) 
(Interview segment) 
The Bowles "Worrywort" The Bowles EP (Kye) 
Vanessa Rossetto "Exotic Exit" Exotic Exit (Kye) 
Astor "November" Alcor (Kye)

We were thrilled to have Graham Lambkin join us once again on this week's podcast show. This time around our conversation focused primarily on the forthcoming Shadow Ring double LP collection called Remains Unchanged that is due out on his Kye imprint in the coming weeks. This collection is made up of all unreleased material and charts an alternate, yet equally compelling, history of Lambkin’s former group - who created a bold and singular body of work within the decade they were active.

In addition to airing our conversation with Lambkin on this week’s show, we also played several selections from the new Remains Unchanged collection, along with a few other tracks from The Shadow Ring taken from their full-length releases. Graham selected a few additional songs to include as fair examples of the music that influenced The Shadow Ring during different periods in the group's history. And to close out the show, we played a few tracks from other recent Kye releases.

For more information and to order available titles, check out the Kye Records blog. Kye releases are also available from these fine mailorder folks: Mimaroglu, Forced Exposure, Aquarius Records, Volcanic Tongue, Weird Forest, and Eclipse.

*Note: These tracks are also available on the Life Review (1993-2003) 2CD compilation released on Kye.

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