Wednesday, February 02, 2011

FFFreakout #249 "5th Anniversary Show & Captain Beefheart Special" (Aired on 2/3/11)

"Just Got Back From the City" from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Zig Zag Wanderer" from Safe As Milk
"Abba Zaba" from Safe As Milk
"Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones" from Strictly Personal
"Moonlight on Vermont" from Trout Mask Replica
"Orange Claw Hammer" from Trout Mask Replica
"Hobo Chang Ba" (Trout Mask House Sessions) from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Ella Guru" (Trout Mask House Sessions) from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Doctor Dark" from Lick My Decals Off, Baby
"Low Yo Yo Stuff" from Clear Spot
"Grow Fins" from The Spotlight Kid
"Harp Boogie III" (1972 Radio Phone In) from Grow Fins: Rarities (1965-1982)
"Party of Special Things To Do" from Bluejeans & Moonbeams
"Bat Chain Puller" from Bat Chain Puller
"Run Paint Run Run" from Doc At the Radar Station
"Cardboard Cutout Caucasian" from Ice Cream For Cream
"Electricity" from Safe As Milk

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This week we celebrated our 5th year of doing Free Form Freakout. What have we learned over those years you ask? Very little, in fact, other than each week still feels like a new adventure and we still enjoy getting together to play music for each other and for those that tune in. For this show, we thought it would be fitting to play a bunch of music from Captain Beefheart, an artist that has been a part of our conversations over the years, not only as a way to mark this occasion, but to celebrate his life and music in light of his recent passing. Thanks to those who have listened over the years and a special thanks to those folks that have joined us on the show to discuss their record labels, their music, their radio programs, their musical interests. Here's to five more years . . .

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