Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #9

The Electric Bunnies "All the Pretty Girls Have Gone to the Beach" CDRSCY2 7" (Columbus Discount)
Panabrite "Rapid Current" Nordsee/Contemplating the Observatory CS (Digitalis Ltd.)
Super Minerals "Track 2/Side B" The Hoax CS (Stunned)
Lighted "Side B" S/T - Centuries of Decay #3 (Centuries of Decay)
Earthmasters "Beheaded" Beheaded CS (Eggy)
The C&B "Kent Custer" 1991 pre-Shadow Ring Recordings 7" (Siltbreeze)
Rogue Cop "B3" You're About as Romantic as a Pair of Handcuffs CS (Stunned)
The Parasites of the Western World "Accessories" S/T LP (De Stijl)
Hadaka No Rallizes "Otherwise My Conviction" Yodo-Go-A-Go-Go CD (10th Avenue Freeze Out)
Smegma "Unseasonal Noise Droppings" S/T LP (La Station Radar)
Rafael Toral "I.II" Space Elements Vol. 1 LP (Taiga)
George Cartwright & Davu Seru "Push Shove" Rag LP (Roaratorio)
Harmonizer "5th Ward" S/T CS (NNA Tapes)

The new year starts off with a bang with a couple of great tape batches from two of our favorite labels: Digitalis and Stunned. Plucked a few favorites from the stack to play on this week's webcast, among them this incredibly massive single cassette reissue of Panabrite's first two full-lengths Nordsee & Contemplating the Observatory. Panabrite is another synth project helmed by a guy named Norm Chambers out of Seattle. I say "another" in this case because there has certainly been no shortage of synthesizer-based music coming out over the past few years, but Panabrite offers a fairly unique take on things, injecting bits of acoustic instrumentation into his bright and bubbly song-like concoctions. Super Minerals, the duo of Phil French and William Giacchi, step into a whole new dimension on The Hoax, a total trip of an album that at times rivals the sort of oddly rhythmic, multi-layered alien sound scrabble heard on Xiphiidae's recent Pisces Muse tape. If you've been blown away by Bill Orcutt's recent acoustic guitar detonations, you might want to check out his electrified counterpart in Rogue Cop, not that there's really any parallels between their sound or style in any way, shape, or form, both just totally re-imagining the possibilities of the guitar in general. Had to bust out some of the old Portland weirdness with The Parasites of the Western World and Smegma too.

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