Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FFFreakout #246 "David Solo" (Aired on 1/13/11)

Japan - "The Unconventional"
The Bats - "Holiday"
The Great Unwashed - "Neck of the Woods"
L. Winter - "The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow"
Cecil Barfield - "I Told You Not To Do That"
Circuit des Yeux - "Self Satisfaction"
Sun Dial - "Magic Potion"
Ghostband - "No Nutzzz"
Mount Kimbie - "Before I Move Off"
Mashado - Untitled #5 from itztym2go
Drexciya - "Species of the Pod"
Sun Ra - "Nebulae"
Orange Juice - "Falling and Laughing"
Jeremy Jay - "Gallop"
The Clean - "Point That Thing Somewhere Else"

Click here to listen to this show.

We played a track off of Ghostband's cool new cassette "Verdical" which just came out on the Moon Glyph label. Here's a video for another Ghostband track, showcasing some nice Twin Cities-related gig poster love.

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