Sunday, December 05, 2010

FFFreakout: Podcast #6 - Stunned Records Feature

Donato Epiro "Fiume Nero" Sounding the Sun CD-R (no. 52)
     (Interview section)
Warm Climate "Saltwater Simplified" Camouflage on the River Wretched CS (no. 93)
Chrome Wings "Wave Life" Time Patterns CS (no. 82)
Silver Bullets "Gial di Nuovo" Citta Invisibili CS (no. 98)
Xiphiidae "Excerpt from Side A" Pisces Muse CS (no. 101)
      (Interview section)
Eureka "Finity Inn" Eureka CS (no. 1)**
Sean McCann "Untitled #2" Sway CS (no. 12)**
Sleepwalkers Local "Sleepers Awake" Better Living Through Science CS (no. 8)**
Plankton Wat "Sunrise on Tall Trees" Crystal Wizard CS (no. 13)**
      (Interview section)
Dire Wolves "Side A" Jams and the Giant Peace CS (no. 92)

For this week's webcast, we featured the music from the great Stunned Records based out in Portland, a label at the forefront of the current cassette underground. In addition to playing a bunch of tracks from throughout the Stunned catalog, including some earlier releases featured in the new Foundation Stones cassette boxset**, we aired our recent phone interview with Phil French. Phil runs the Stunned label with his wife Myste and is also active in the groups Magic Lantern and Super Minerals. Check out the Stunned website for more information. 


Anonymous said...

great show! its clear these people are doing a label for the right reasons. will check them out once they put more tapes up for sale

Free Form Freakout said...

Thanks for checking out the show. Totally agree with you that Stunned is doing things for the right reasons. . . truly inspiring work. You can still track down some Stunned releases through the Tomentosa and Discriminate mailorder sites.