Monday, December 13, 2010

FFFreakout: Podcast #7 - Digitalis / Altar Eagle Feature

Altar Eagle "Honey" from Mechanical Gardens
(Interview section)
Turner Cody "Up Up High" from Buds of May
Steven R. Smith "In Light" from Owl
Scott Tuma "Moccasoclea" from Not For Nobody
Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood "Missing Peace" from Gold Leaf Branches
(Interview section)
Radio People "Designer" from S/T
Roll the Dice "Into the Ground" from S/T
Alphabets "Smile Attack Gleam Force"from  Alphabox
(Interview section)
Altar Eagle "Pour Your Dark Heart Out" from Mechanical Gardens
Altar Eagle "Monsters" from Mechanical Gardens
Altar Eagle "Battlegrounds" from Mechanical Gardens

Thought I'd dig this show up from the archives to replay as a webcast this week as 2010 was another stellar year for all things Digitalis. The audio for the interview sections is a bit rough, so please pardon the "mechanical frog" tones of Brad's voice. But the interview covers quite a bit of ground, including Foxy Digitalis (the webzine), Digitalis Recordings (the label), and Altar Eagle (Brad and Eden's excellent recording project).

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