Wednesday, December 01, 2010

FFFreakout: Podcast #5

Pumice "Pumiceraft" Worldwide Gullet CD-R (Nyali Recordings)
FaravelliRatti "At Noon" Lieu CD (Boring Machines)
Skitter/Ela Orleans "Track 2" The Strongest Walls Open As I Pose 3" CD (La Station Radar)
Jovontaes "Ascending the Temple" Masks of the Land CS (Eggy)
Black Eagle Child "Before I Was Born" Poland CD-R (Sturmundrugs)
Donato Epiro "La Vita Acquatica" Supercontinent CS (Stunned)
Richard Youngs "Albatross is Back" Inceptor LP (Volcanic Tongue)
Ulaan Khol "Untitled #2" III CD (Soft Abuse)
Sparkling Wide Pressure "Jeremy Moves" Field and String LP (Digitalis)

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