Tuesday, January 01, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #11

ÉLG “Ô Pluto” Mil Pluton LP (Alter / Hundebiss)
Goldendust “Marooned” S/T LP (Night-People) [8:35]
Palais Schaumburg “Morgen wird der Wald gefegt” S/T 2CD (Bureau B) [11:57]
The North Sea “Vagrant” Grandeur & Weakness LP* (Rubber City Noise) [15:46]
Marcus Rubio & Bill Shute “Timed and Measured” Only the Imprint of an Echo Remains CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
Jar Moff “Commercial Mouth” (excerpt) Commercial Mouth LP* (Pan) [24:55]
Digital Natives “My Spine” The She Of It CS (Hooker Vision) [30:10]
Personable “Untitled” Spontaneous Generation LP (Peak Oil) [33:19]
Sparkling Wide Pressure “Pinkish Dream” Pretending Eternal CS (Hooker Vision) [43:45]
Nite Lite “Equinox Reflections” Megrez LP (Desire Path Recordings) [50:00]
Meursault “Eigengrau” Rose Scented Clay CS (Eagle & Serpent Recordings) [52:54]
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. “Music or Noise” The Science of Sound 2LP-1959 (Folkways) [58:06]
Ben Bennett “I’ll Call You When I Get Creamed By a Motorist” Spoilage LP* (Experimedia) [1:01.21]
Komodo Haunts “Pouring Over Drums” Dance On the Serpent’s Neck CS* (Jehu & Chinaman) [1:03.20]
Folke Rabe “What??” (excerpt) What?? CD (Dexter’s Cigar) [1:09.00]
Tara King th. “Hole of Birds” Uncolored Past I & II CS* (Moon Glyph) [1:19.58]
Featureless Ghost “Flash” Personality Matrix LP (Night-People) [1:24.30]
Un “Soul Converter” Begun CS (Dub Ditch Picnic) [1:27.09]
Oobe “Nothing Underneath” Delphi CS (Haute Magie) [1:29.42]
Loud & Sad “Untitled” Lathe 2 7” (FET) [1:34.30]
Kraken Mare “End Ordovician” Iapetus Ocean CS (Skell) [1:38.47]
Colin Webster/Mark Holub/Sheik Anorak “The Last Word” Languages MP3 (Gaffer) [1:51.20]

Happy New Year all! I hope everyone had an opportunity to spend some time with friends and family and that you had a chance to pause and reflect on the year you had, but that you’ve now greased the gears and set your sights on the many things you WILL accomplish in the year ahead. As for me, this IPA is quite tasty right NOW and tomorrow looks promising. Beyond that, I look forward to the new experiences, opportunities, and sounds that lie ahead. 

You’ll notice some subtle changes with the podcast and blog here as we move forward in the coming months. For starters, I went ahead and changed up the intro to the podcast a bit. Granted, it’s still the same boring old spiel, but it’s right at the start of the show now and at least it has a Rambutan backing track to add some extra dimension to it. For me, producing these podcasts is like stepping into an alternate reality for a brief period of time every few weeks and this track seems to capture that feel perfectly. Plus, Rambutan and the Tape Drift nexus has been a constant on the podcast show from the outset, so it seemed like a logical choice. Also, I plan to include a bit more writing in the form of reviews and other short feature pieces on this site throughout the year. God forbid, I have no intentions of turning this into an updated daily music blog with album streams, release information, and other such endless gush. I don’t have the time (or interest) to do something like that. BUT, I would like to devote more space in these pages to providing more information and thoughts on music that I’m drawn to, or that FFFriends of the show are drawn to, from time-to-time, rather than just throwing up playlists for people to scroll through. I still feel like there is a significant need for more coverage of the type of music that is featured on the podcast shows and I hope we can toss in our two cents every now-and-then in a meaningful way. 

That being said, I’d like to highlight a few of the releases from this week’s show that have been getting some heavy play around the FFF bunker. Let’s start with what we started the podcast with: ÉLG’s Mil Pluton. I’ve been a fan of Sir Laurent Gerard’s music for a few years now, his Tout Ploie album was a minor masterpiece in my humble opinion. I had a chance to interview him around the time of this album being reissued on S-S Records and he proved to be the type of colorful character you’d want to spin stories with over a few pints. He’s continued to put out several limited-run releases in the ensuing years, though at a downright leisurely pace by cassette underground standards, yet his output has remained relatively difficult to grip here stateside, which is quite a shame really. While Tout Ploie explored a uniquely French take on psych/folk weirdness, Mil Pluton, ÉLG’s second full-length LP, ventures into a more hypno electronic/beat-oriented sound with shades of his Reines D’Angleterre collaborator, Ghedalia Tazarates’, solo work. In not-so-eloquent terms, it’s THE SHIT, and it’s still surprising to me that ÉLG isn’t a household name amongst the music geeks that read mail order new release lists while sitting on the can. Last I checked there were still copies of this LP available over at Mimaroglu. PayPal away . . . 

Another album that I’ve been playing repeatedly is the debut LP offering from Nite Lite out on Desire Path Recordings. Megrez marks the much welcomed return of Phil and Myste French, former proprietors of the now sadly defunct Stunned Records, a label that was/is near and dear to me. The last I had heard from Nite Lite was Marlene, their tape that came out in Stunned’s final batch over a year ago. Composed primarily of field recordings, that release had an interesting ‘Caribbean-mariachi-band-jammin’-in-the-Northwoods’ sort of feel to it, which should be read, of course, as a compliment. Their approach on Megrez seems to be similar, though the results are far more refined and focused in on the raw environmental field recordings themselves without losing that certain sense of ‘musicality’ that exists within their work. Every sound has been edited together meticulously and with the utmost care. It’s an album you’ll want to throw on, sip some tea, and stare out the window and daydream about that time you got caught in a storm while camping. Just don’t mistake Nite Lite's teakettle as your own. Drink up and check back in with us in a few weeks.

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