Monday, December 17, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #10: Decimus / Kelippah Feature

Decimus “Side A” (excerpt) from Decimus 11 (Digitalis
(Interview segment) 
Decimus “A1” Decimus 1 (Kelippah
Decimus “pt.2” Decimus C (Kelippah
Decimus “Apathia” (excerpt) Hobo Sunn / Decimus split (Kelippah
(Interview segment) 
Safiyaa “Treasurer of Badu Nadir” (excerpt) S/T (Kelippah
Raajmahal “Unknown Metals” S/T (Kelippah
K Salvatore “Lake Success Drained” Tsar Ova Elk (Kelippah
(Interview Segment) 
Les Conversions “Mr. Wayl's Adze" S/T (*forthcoming LP on Kelippah) 
Tom Carter and Pat Murano “Avalokitesvara” S/T (*forthcoming LP on Kelippah)


On this edition of the FFFoxy Podcast, we spoke with Pat Murano (NNCK, Malkuth, K Salvatore, etc.) about his recent solo work as Decimus, along with the many other collaborative projects he's currently involved in. We also discussed the work he has been doing with his own Kelippah label and some of the forthcoming material he has coming out on it. For more information on Decimus and to hear and purchase Kelippah recordings, check out the following links:

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