Thursday, January 24, 2013

FFFreakout #348 (Aired on 1/24/13)

Damin Eih, A.L.K. and Brother Clark "Tourniquet" from Nevermind
Oneohtrix Point Never "Zone Without People" from Zones Without People
Julian Lynch "Winterer One" from Orange You Glad
Ayal Senior "Alt. Theme to the Beyond" from Normal Galaxy Blues
Jane Weaver Septieme Soeur "Turning In Circles" from The Fallen By Watch Bird
Karate Party "Pressure" from Black Helicoptor
Kenneth Higney "No Heavy Trucking" from Attic Demonstration
Christopher Owens "Here We Go" from Lysandre
Cat Power "He War" from You Are Free
Wham! "Young Guns (Go For It!)" from Fantastic (*Note: Carl's Guilty Pleasure Pick)
Camper Van Beethoven "Pictures of Matchstick Men" from Key Lime Pie
The Stranglers "Always the Sun" from Dreamtime

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