Sunday, December 02, 2012

FFFavorite Tapes of 2012

Similar to last year, I've decided against doing an end-of-the-year recap-style show for one of the final podcasts of 2012. Instead, I'm planning to just move forward with more new music and with one more feature with Pat Murano (Decimus, Kelippah Records et al). Again, like last year, I've put together an overview of some of my favorite releases that have appeared on the podcast show throughout the year. This week, it's a list of my favorite tapes. In the next week or so, I'll also post a list of some of my favorite albums (and maybe a few reissues too). 

Yes, I went ahead and rank-ordered these, which you can make of whatever you'd like. In general, these were/are the tapes that I keep coming back to, the ones that pull you into a unique soundworld. The Duets tape, however, was for me the clear-cut, no-brainer for best tape release of the year. It features such a seamless mix of music and, in my mind, several of the significant players in the current experimental tape underground. It sort of has the feel of being like the C86 of this particular network of artists and labels, certainly an important document of it at the very least.

You can click on the label links for more information on each release and for ordering purposes. You may also need to check out these fine mailorder sites for availability: Discriminate Music, Tomentosa, Mimaroglu Music Sales, Experimedia, 905 Tapes.          

1) v/a Duets (Tranquility Tapes

2) él-g In Coro (No=Fi Recordings

3) The Compass Rose The Simulation District (Ekhein

4) Man Made Hill Intercourses (Orange Milk

5) Josh Mason/Nathan McLaughlin 3440 (Tape Drift)

 6) April in the Orange In the Mirror Under the Moon (Cae-sur-a

7) v/a Air Rings Vol. 3 (Digitalis Ltd.

8) Sagas Signal Refracted (Avant Archive

9) v/a The Lemon Tape (Hobo Cult / Kinnta

10) Baronic Wall The Mind of Roses (Gift Tapes)

11) Myrrh Hymns (Lighten Up Sounds
12) Damian Valles/Alex Durlak Guitar and Drums (Komino
13) Prayer Second Species (Constellation Tatsu
14) M. Geddes Gengras Systems 1 (905 Tapes
15) Clay Cantrell The Tree Farmer (House of Alchemy
16) Bastian Void Flourescent Bells (Field Hymns
17) Asio Otus Taivaallisia tulis (Sicsic
18) Raajmahal Celandine (Digitalis Ltd.
19) Cannibal Movie Mondo Music (Yerevan Tapes)
20) Toning Paranormal Romance (Skell)  
21) Justin Meyers Libra (Tone Filth
22) Loud & Sad False Intimacy (Cae-sur-a
23) Blanche Blanche Blanche Open Session Rock (OSR Tapes
24) Henry Dawson The Thunder of Wonder (Goldtimers
25) Claps Glory, Glory (Moon Glyph)


nathan said...

David....thanks for your support of not just my music but all of this music, in 2012. So much appreciated to meet someone who is listening so closely...

The Lemon Tape was a favorite of mine this year too, your list has plenty I still need to discover.


pocketnovella said...

Henry Dawson and Man Made Hill are on my top lists too!