Saturday, July 28, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #3 - Orange Milk Records Feature


Giant Claw “Empire Of Summer” Mutant Glamour (*forthcoming LP on Orange Milk)
(Interview segment)
Man Made Hill “Glass Trap” Intercourses CS 
Sundrips “A4” One Hundred Hints CS 
La Big Vic “Mr. Broken Bird” Actually CS 
Criminals “B3” Babes CS 
Ashley Paul “Only You Know” Slow Boat LP
(Interview segment)
Teamm Jordann “Stadium (Ignition)” Champion CS 
Pajjama “Vedaste” Starch CS 
HCMJ excerpt from Honeybee CS
(Interview segment) 
Giant Claw “Man or Cream” Mutant Glamour LP 
Giant Claw “Mutants in the Bedroom” Mutant Glamour LP 
Keith Rankin “Leila Walking” (*music for the Moroccan children's TV show, Leila
Keith Rankin “Flying Unicorn” (*music for the Moroccan children's TV show, Leila
Henry Dawson “Untitled” (*unreleased new track) 
Giant Claw “Max Mutant 02” (*unreleased new track)
(Interview segment)
Don Slepian “Tumblestream” (*from forthcoming cassette compilation of early material) 
Foodman “La Men” (*from forthcoming cassette) 
Piper Spray “Sputnik” (*from forthcoming cassette) 
Maharadja Sweets “O My Love” (*from forthcoming cassette)
Sean McCann "Dissolving Memory" Open Resolve LP

On this week's show we had the chance to chat with Keith Rankin, who is the gentleman behind the Giant Claw project and who, together with Seth Graham (a.k.a. Henry Dawson), run Orange Milk Records – a label that within the past few years has been building an impressive catalog with high quality artwork and stunning releases by the likes of Sean McCann, Ashley Paul, Sundrips, and Rankin and Graham’s own solo and collaborative work. Our conversation with Keith touched on his role in running the Orange Milk label, his work as Giant Claw, and his thoughts on underground music culture at large. Keith also provided us with several tracks from new and forthcoming Orange Milk-related releases to play throughout the show.

For more information or to purchase copies of some of the music played on this week's show, check out the following links:

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