Thursday, July 05, 2012

FFFreakout #319 (Live on 7/5/12)

Liquid Liquid "Cavern" from S/T
Tinariwen "Onalahila Ar Tesninam" from Amassakoul
Coil "Teenage Lightning, Pt. 2" from Love's Secret Domain
Drexciya "Drifting Into a Time of No Future" from Neptune's Lair
Scott Walker "Tilt" from Tilt
The Creation "Biff Bang Pow" from Our Music Is Red - with Purple Flashes
Ponies In The Surf "Holes In The Wall" from See You Happy
New York Dolls "Stranded in the Jungle" from Rock N' Roll
Southern Culture On The Skids "Dirt Track Date" from Dirt Track Date
LL Cool J "Going Back to Cali" from All World
Wanda Jackson "Long Tall Sally" from Queen of Rockabilly
Paul Westerberg "Dyslexic Heart" from Singles O.S.T.
Black Flag "Rise Above" from Damaged
Elvis Costello "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" from My Aim Is True
The Bar-Kays "Soul Finger" from Soul Finger

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