Sunday, April 17, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #15

Mist "Sky High" Glowing Net LP (Amethyst Sunset)
Wanda Group "Yellow Gang" Bass Urine CS (NNA Tapes)
Lee Rockey "Untitled" Music LP (De Stijl)
Ela Orleans "Better Friends" Lost LP (La Station Radar)
C. Yantis "Parallels" Kerning LP (Blackest Rainbow)
The Psychic Paramount "RW" II LP (No Quarter)
Unwound "Side Effects of Being Tired" Live in London LP (Loveletter)
Head Boggle "Pink Lloyd" Unsounds and Domo Live CS (NNA Tapes)
PAK "Untitled/Side A" Box CS (Eggy)
Diaz-Infante/Mota/Robair/Rodrigues "Luftzucker" Our Faceless Empire CD (Pax)
Cromagnon "Organic Sundown" Cave Rock ("Orgasm") CD (ESP-Disk)
Pradada "Wasteland Hunters" Beko_Hobo Cult Compilation MP3 (Beko DSL)
Nova Scotian Arms "Mineral Crush" Beko_Hobo Cult Compilation MP3 (Beko DSL)
Nathan McLaughlin "5.1" Echolocation #5 CS (Notice Recordings)

This week's highlights include a couple of the new releases from the excellent NNA Tapes imprint. In terms of chopped-up, outer realm synthetic sounds, the new ones from the mysterious Wanda Group and Derek Gedalecia's Head Boogle project sit right up there with the recent batch from Gift Tapes that I've yapped-up in previous weeks. Wanda Group play 'instruments' a bit like Smegma do, meaning who the hell really knows what's going on. Plus, their Bass Urine treatments rachet up the level of abstraction even further. Head Boggle, one of the more fitting aliases in recent memory, dabble in somewhat similar liquefied sonics that dart every which way. Over the chaotic sprawl of the Domo Live side, however, you realize that Gedalecia indeed has a steady and assured hand on the tiller. Another album that recently caught me off guard was Kerning, a very limited run first full-length offering from C. Yantis out on Blackest Rainbow. Yantis, at times, wields his guitar much in the same way that the guys in Barn Owl do, exploring a sweeping, Americana-infused take on minimalism, albeit at a slightly lower decibel level. That said, he seems just as intent to detonate the whole Folk/Blues tradition ala Bill Orcutt's recent solo outings too. We'll have to see how this plays out on Yantis's forthcoming release on Hobo Cult Records due out this summer. Speaking of Hobo Cult Records, this past week saw the release of an excellent Hobo Cult compilation put out by the Beko Digital Singles Label. I usually don't play many mp3s on the show, but I couldn't help myself with this one. Hell, I was tempted to play the whole shebang, but that seemed a bit much when you can grab a copy for yourself here. We closed out this week's show with just a taster of Nathan Mclaughlin's fantastic new Echolocation #5 cassette. You'll get a chance to hear more though in the coming weeks, as Nathan will be joining us for an in-studio session.


Notice Recordings said...

Glad you're playing the tape. We're very pleased with it. When is Nathan joining you ?

Free Form Freakout said...

Great cassette for sure. We're shooting for the end of this month, which should get posted to the site pretty quickly.

Notice Recordings said...

Sounds good !
Nathan just sent us an email about this. Looking forward.
Take care.