Sunday, April 03, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #14

Garrincha & The Stolen Elk “I Can Only Paint With One Emotional Tone / Aqueduct Flux” We Were Wyoming CS (Stunned)
Mike Shiflet “Llanos” Llanos CD (self-released)
Matt Carlson “Desert Level” Gecko Dream Levels CS (Gift Tapes)
Yximalloo “The Desk, Smile! #2” Techno Shrine Choir CD (Sakura Wrechords)
Toning “Scuffed Lips” Pitch The Drone CS (Stunned)
Elklink “Tension Tec” The Rise of Elklink LP (KYE)
Primitive Motion “A Straight Line” Certain Materials EP 7” (Soft Abuse)
Storm Bugs “Blackheath Episode” Up the Middle Down the Sides LP (Fusetron)
Velvet Davenport “Island Sand” Summer Island CS (Soothing Almonds Collective)
Lab Coast “Really Realize" Pictures On The Wall CS (Eggy)
TwinSisterMoon “Desert Prophecy” Then Fell The Ashes LP (Blackest Rainbow)
Archers By The Sea “We Used To See Humans” They Were Floating Over the Mountain, They Were Kings LP (La Station Radar)
Haino/O’Rourke/Ambarchi “Once Again You Are Reading It Wrong What Is Written Is To Live” In A Flash Everything Comes Together . . . 2LP (Black Truffle)

Some more new sounds arrived over the past few weeks at the nearly flooded FFF bunker. It was looking like we might have to box up the whole works and head for high ground, but fortunately Mother Nature cooperated with us. So now we just have to deal with that pervasive damp sock and litter box odor, but at least the music collection is safe, right? Some highlights on this week's show include the new cassette from Garrincha & The Stolen Elk from the latest Stunned batch. G&TSE are the Sacramento-based duo of Matt Kretzmann and Davy Bui, Bui being the fellow behind the great Weird Forest label. Joined on this release by Karlos Ayala (bass) and Kevin Corcoran (drums), G&TSE play a refreshing form of explosive, yet intricate, skronk ROCK that has nothing to do with the underground's current fixation with all things Kraut/shoegaze/Spacemen 3/____-wave. Based on this c20, their forthcoming LP on Weird Forest should definitely be something to be on the lookout for. Another release that breaks free from much of the current synth herd is the new cassette from Matt Carlson called Gecko Dream Levels. With rather glossy fidelity, Carlson's whacked-out synth & electronics sounds dart in myriad directions, causing me to duck for cover in the studio. Lastly, more choice DIY sounds to emerge from Down Under with the new Certain Materials EP  from Primitive Motion, the duo of Deadnotes' members Leighton Craig and Sandra Selig. Their brand of homespun, primitive pop sits quite comfortably amongst such notable contemporaries as Peaking Lights and Naked on the Vague. It's ace!, mate.

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