Sunday, December 01, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #28

Primitive Motion “Skyline” Worlds Floating By LP (Bedroom Suck)
German Army “Communion With Form” Last Language LP (A Giant Fern)
Glass Random “I’m A Criminal” S/T CS (Singapore Sling)
Amateur Childbirth “Pripyat” Pripyat LP (Disembraining)
Counter Intuits “Stickin Pins” S/T LP (Pyramid Scheme)
Angie “Shared Futures” Turning LP (Easter Bilby / Rice is Nice)
Graham Lamkin “Abersayne” b/w “Attersaye” 7” (Kye)
Cyrus Pireh & Honduras “Concordia” (excerpt) S/T LP (Shinkoyo)
Rashad Becker “Dance II” Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1 (Pan)
Seth Graham “Cream Masters” Creaky Clumsy CS (Tranquility Tapes)
Peninsula “la socarrada” b/w “los hornillos” 7” (Love the Chaos)
MJ Guider “Two Twenty-Two” Prima CS* (Constellation Tatsu)
Trouble Books “Stacking Spheres” Love At Dusk LP* (Mie Music)
Adderall Canyonly “The Witches of Christ” We Are Everywhere At Once CD (Debacle)
Lens “TG:DG (dub)” (excerpt) Visions Meet Light in the Cult House CS (Field Studies)
Chalaque "Simple Mathematics" (excerpt) Sounds From the Other Ideology LP (Golden Lab)
Luciernaga "Land of Four Corners" Land of 4 Corners CD-R (Tape Drift)
Spencer Dobbs "Paleface" Of Texas CD-R+Chapbook+CD-R (Anahuac Editions)
The Original Flowering Earth "Side A" (excerpt) Hosshin CS (Cave Recordings)
Xiphiidae "Side B" (excerpt) Pass Hidingly Seek LP (Aguirre)
Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié "Side A" Anaglyph #1 CS (A Giant Fern)
The Lost Domain "A Friend of my Brother's Wife" Blondes Chew More Gum 2LP (Negative Guest List)

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