Friday, July 26, 2013

FFFoxy Podcast #22 with Chris Berry of Soft Abuse Records

Walter De Maria "Cricket Music" (excerpt) Drums and Nature CD (self-released)
[No Artist] Just For the Hell Of It 7" (no label)
Roach Clip "Discovery Park" Discovery Park LP (All Gone)
Butch Willis & The Rocks "The Gardens Outside" b/w "I'll Never Be the Same Again" 7" (Love Records)
Endless Boogie "Taking Out the Trash" Long Island LP (No Quarter)
John Bender "Untitled" Packing List: Short Side 1982 LP (Record Sluts)
Mike Cooper "Each Day At Dusk" White Shadows in the South Seas CD (Room40)
Cured Pink "Body Body Body I Need It I Need It I Need It" b/w "Amnesia (As Answer)" 7" (Black Petal)
Grim "Asura Hand" Love Song LP (Art Into Life)
Les Zarjaz "One Charming Nite" b/w "My Lady Owns a Falle Out Zone" 7" (Creation)
Bobby Brown "The Boy A Sailor" Prayers Of A One Man Band LP (Destiny)
Axemen "Hey Alice!" Derry Legend LP (Flying Nun)
Mayo Thompson "Fortune" Corky's Debt To His Father LP (Drag City)
Matthew De Gennaro "Alley Vionist" Chuang Tzu Motherfucker LP (*forthcoming on Soft Abuse)
Mad Nanna "The Nectarine Tree" b/w "I Wanna See You" 7" (*forthcoming on Soft Abuse)
It Hurts "33 Tears" b/w "Earth, Sun, Moon, Us" 7" (Soft Abuse)
Blackout Beach "Broken Braying Sound of the Donkey's Cry" Blues Trip LP (Soft Abuse)
Date Palms "Dusted Down" The Dusted Sessions LP (Thrill Jockey)
Jack Treese "Casimir" S/T LP (RCA-France)
Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox "My Lucky Star" First Rays LP (Water Wheel)
Anonymous "Sweet Lliac" Inside the Shadow LP (Machu Picchu Ltd.)
Southern Comfort "Silver and Gold" b/w "Don't Cry No Tears" 7" (Black Petal)
Hurray "I'm So Glad You Can Depend On Me" b/w "Anytime You Want" 7" (self-released)
Henry Flynt / C.C. Hennix "Warriors of the Dharma" Dharma Warriors LP (Locust Music)

For the third consecutive summer, Chris Berry of Soft Abuse Records out of Minneapolis has joined us on the podcast show. We never really ask in advance what he's going to be playing; we simply hand over the show to him in good faith, knowing full well that it will be two hours filled with choice selections from his personal collection that are both timely and obscure-as-hell. This time around, he came armed with a box full of records that ran the gamut from private press beach bum rarities to contempo Australian subterranean spew to Herschell Gordon Lewis incidental set speak. Sound confusing? Give it a listen - it'll all make sense. Visit the Soft Abuse website for more information.  

As discussed on the show, Mad Nanna will be touring the U.S. during the month of August and in Europe during the following month. Tour dates are available HERE and are being updated on a regular basis. Please contact Chris if you'd like help out with some of the currently unconfirmed dates.


Anonymous said...

Cured Pink is Andrew from Brisbane, also plays in Greg Boring with all the Sky Needle peeps hence the similarities. CP has something special going that's on not immediately obvious on this recording - his performances include industrial/found parts, chance operations, and physical force in seemingly (and many times actually) dangerous ways. Classic show in Sydney involved a metal spring and a small room and ended in some bloody heads.

great show guys! zully

Free Form Freakout said...

Thanks for listening, Zully, and for providing this information. Sounds like protective gear at a Cured Pink show is a must!!