Monday, July 08, 2013

FFF Guest Mix #2: "Ruralism vs. The Cosmos" by Ross Baker

Our latest guest mix was put together by UK-based artist, Ross Baker. Ross has been releasing music in one format or another over the past decade, first under the name Second Thought and more recently under his given name. His collage approach to music-making marries elements of ambient electronic music with acoustic instrumentation and snatches of found sound, all of which can heard within this seamless mix he assembled for us that includes a few of his own tracks. For more information on Ross Baker's work, check out his website HERE.

1) Ross Baker "Terra Incognita"
2) The Future Sound of London "Plough"
3) Rene van der Wouden "Panorama 12"
4) Jack Anderton "Anchialine Pool"
5) Sabri Meddeb "Place for Hearing"
6) EL Heath "The Bridges, Rattlinghope"
7) Modulator ESP "To Spaces Without"
8) Dementia and Hope Trails "Love Came of Our Pasts and Our Pasts Cannot be Erased"
9) Mecha/Orga "34:13_Amebolina"
10) Broken Chip "The Wonga Pigeon"
11) Ross Baker "Rain From a Blue Sky"
12) The Glimmer Room "The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees"
13) Stephen Palmer "Sevenfold"
14) Ross Baker "Time & Travel"
15) Widesky "Flotsam (Part II)"

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