Saturday, September 01, 2012

FFFoxy Podcast #5

Imperial Topaz “Angel of the Overpass” Duets CS (Tranquility Tapes
Ghedalia Tazartes “cinq / six” Ante-Mortem LP (Hinterzimmer
Myrrh “Track 1-Side A” Hymns CS (Lighten Up Sounds
Sarin Smoke “2.1.2” Vent LP* (Mie Music
April in the Orange “Same Old Mystery” In the Mirror Under the Moon CS (Cae-sur-a
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie “The Best Weapon” Flaming Tunes CD (Life and Living
Alistair Crosbie “Pulse Storms Sweeping North” A Campfire in the Snow CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions
Jason Lescalleett “Tarnished Copper (Copper Will Never Be Gold)” Songs About Nothing 2CD (Erstwhile
Murmer “Part 5” Where Are the Roots That Clutch LP* (Helen Scarsdale Agency
Saguache “Lattice Borealis” Terrain CS* (Constellation Tatsu
Mats Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love “I Love It” I Love It When You Snore LP (Weird Forest
Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano “For Jim Pepper” Scraps and Shadows LP* (Roaratorio
High Aura’d “La Chasse Gallerie / Methodist Bells" Sanguine Futures LP (Bathetic
Unidiscus “Barney’s World” Unidiscus 1 mp3 (self-released) (*Foxy Contributor's Pick by Brad Rose)
Ricardo Donoso “Chemical Structures” Assimilating the Shadow CD (Digitalis)
Baronic Wall “Telepresence Persons” The Mind of Roses CS (Gift Tapes)
German Army “River Demons” Hoatzin CS (No Kings
Mirror to Mirror “Sleep Through School” Body Moving Slowly CD* (Preservation
Black Unicorn “2” 18047 CS (Rubber City Noise/RCN Infinity Series
Derek Rogers “Linear Truths” Saturations LP (Greenup Industries)

It has been over two months since I’ve put together a straightforward, guest-free, non-feature podcast, and man has there been some truly amazing music that has made its way to my various playback devices in that time. It took a good week or two alone to settle on a playlist and sequence for this show that sounded satisfactory to these ears given the wealth of material to choose from, but I can honestly say that some of my favorite releases of the year thus far are contained within this show. I had every intention of writing a lengthy piece highlighting some of the key releases herein, but I couldn’t bring myself to focus just on some and not the others. So, as a general statement, I feel like this is some of the strongest material released by nearly all of the artists and labels featured on this episode. That’s that, just listen . . .

One thing I would like to highlight, though, is a new segment that we rolled out this week called the Foxy Contributor’s Pick. As mentioned when we first began to partner with Foxy Digitalis on these podcasts, one of the goals was to open things up and make the show a bit more interactive. This is a small first step in that direction. This new segment will have different Foxy Digitalis contributors select a track by an artist, band, label (etc.) that has been capturing their imagination and give them an opportunity to explain or simply share their thoughts on their selection. Think of it as the Secret Stash section with a narrator. Anyways, Brad Rose was the first to jump into the fold and he picked a gem from Unidiscus, a lesser-known project of Norm Chambers (a.k.a. Panabrite). Be on the lookout for more of these contributor picks in the weeks ahead.

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