Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FFFree Mix(tape) Series, Vol. 3: Spring in Winter Edition

I decided to give the home tape deck a much needed break for this third edition of the FFFree Mixtape Series and try something different. This time around you'll get a 16-track cd-r compilation loaded with a variety of fringe sounds. The packaging was assembled using spare record jackets and modified gig poster art created by fellow free form ally, Nora Myers. The classic Sharpie-style florescent doodling was done by the hand of Ms. Autumn Perron.

It's quite simple how this all works: write to us and let us know that you want one of these mixes and we'll send one to you free of charge. We encourage you, however, to share with us your own mixes, original music, artwork, writings, recipes (I'm serious about this!), poetry, etc. - but that's entirely up to you.

Again, get in touch with us if you're interested.

UPDATE: These are now all gone. Be on the lookout for Vol. 4 in the coming months


Hypo (a.k.a. Jackie) said...

Have any left?

Free Form Freakout said...

Have one left - send an e-mail w/ your address.

Mykhaylo Fedor said...

What a pity to miss this one!
Just found your blog, great podcasts! I have a similar radioshow in Ukraine (blog - And it is a very nice opportunity to share some mixes and other stuff with you. For example, I can create a mix with current Ukrainian experimental music, are you familiar with it?