Sunday, February 05, 2012

FFFreakout: Podcast #34 - Panabrite / Library Music Feature

Panabrite “Cirrus” Illumination CS (Sicsic Tapes)
(Interview segment)
Serge Bulot “Echoes” Les légendes de Brocéliande (Sonimage) France, 1981
Piero Umiliani (as Zalla) “Attivita” Problemi D’Oggi (Liuto) Italy, 1974
Milpatte (aka Bernard Fevre) “Cirka” April Orchestra Vol. 47 (CBS Disques) France, 1982  
Teddy Lasry “Chinese Connexion” Interpol (Sonimage) France, 1979
Roger Roger & Nino Nardini “Beyond the Clouds” Informatic 2000 (Crea Sound) France, 1982
(Interview segment)
Alessandro Alessandroni “Acquario” Biologia Marina (Rhombus) Italy, 1973
Roland Bocquet “Exotique” Robot Bleu (RCA Media) France, 1983
Vladimir Cosma “Pavane Spatiale” Insolite & Co. (PSI) France, 1969
Jean-Pierre Decerf & M. Baroty “Phantasm in the Night” Publipot (CAM) France, 1978
(Interview segment)
Panabrite “Camembert Symphony” Soft Terminal LP (Digitalis)
Panabrite “Wind Rider” Wind Rider CS (Tranquility Tapes)
Panabrite “Over Dunes” Omni Center CD-R (Sturmundrugs)

For this week's podcast show we got a chance to speak with Seattle-based musician Norm Chambers, whom records under the name Panabrite, a project we’ve grown quite fond of here on the show over the past year or so. Chambers has had a string of incredible limited run releases on such labels as Tranquility Tapes, Sturmundrugs, Hooker Vision, and Gift Tapes. And he’s now set to release his first LP entitled Soft Terminal on Digitalis in the coming weeks.

Chambers' rhythmically-charged, yet melodically complex work as Panabrite draws from various corners of electronic music’s rich history, tracing back to the early composers of library music, that being the “mood music” or “background music” used in television, film, and commercials, but was never widely available to the general public. Chambers, in fact, has a wealth of knowledge in the area of library music, offering up bits of information and rare recordings through his Lunar Atrium blog. In our conversation with Norm, we discuss his interest in library music and his work as Panabrite. He was also kind enough to put together some of his favorite library music tracks for us to play on this week’s show. We also play a few tracks from some of the recent Panabrite releases, including something off of that new Digitalis LP.

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