Sunday, February 19, 2012

FFFreakout: Podcast #35 - Sean McCann / Recital Feature

Sean McCann “Scapula” Open Resolve LP (Orange Milk)
(Interview segment) 
Radiant Husk “Natoma St.” Micromegas CD-R (Recital 2)
Troy Schafer “The Desire Towards Joy – Cycle I” Evening Song Awaken CD-R (Recital 3)
Idea Fire Company “The Whole World” Rags to Riches LP (*forthcoming on Recital)
(Interview segment) 
Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan “An Unknown Gentleman” Vanity Fair LP (Recital 1)
Sean McCann “The Vanilla Maiden” The Capital LP (Aguirre)
Sean McCann “Have I Forgotten?” Prelusion CD-R (Recital 0)
(Interview segment) 
Sean McCann “Betazoid” Phylum Sigh CD (Roll Over Rover)
Sean McCann “Guardian” (*for future LP release - tbd)
Sean McCann “Charade (demo)” (*for future LP release - tbd)

Over the past four years, Sean McCann has had an impressive run of releases that span various styles and approaches – from folk-inspired dirges to sparkling synth soundscapes to drone minimalism - capped off by last year’s terrific album The Capital on Aguirre Records. McCann is now set to release his first full-length album of 2012, a collaboration with fellow Los Angeles-based musician and Ekhein labelhead, Matthew Sullivan. This album, entitled Vanity Fair, is coming out in the first official batch of releases this week on McCann's new Recital imprint. 

We recently had a chance to speak with Sean over the phone and asked him some questions about his new label and record, and about how his own music has developed over the years. We air that interview on this week's podcast show and play a few tracks from the new and forthcoming Recital releases, not to mention some forthcoming solo material that McCann is currently working on.

For more information and to order many of the releases heard on this show, head over to the Recital website.

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