Wednesday, December 07, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #30 - Ricardo Donoso / Semata Productions Feature

Ricardo Donoso "Baiting Disappointment" Progress Chance LP (Digitalis)
(Interview segment)
Perispirit "14th Annual Seance (Part 1)" Spiritual Church Movement (*forthcoming LP on Digitalis)
Ricardo Donoso "Zerovinteum" Zerovinteum b/w Plate Fourteen 7" (SEM-003)
Ricardo Donoso "Equivalence of the Thirteen" (*forthcoming 2LP in 2012)
(Interview segment)
Belarisk "Advanced Orbit, Decrepit Realm" II CS (SEM-020)
Work/Death "Like Two Little Magnets" Tender Comrades CD (SEM-018)
Pierrot Lunaire "Chimera" Exercise in Futility CS (SEM-021)
(Interview segment)
KPLR "Compressor" Errorrhythm (*forthcoming LP on Semata)
Ouxatil 95 "Drain95UK" Drain95UK (*forthcoming CS on Semata)
Keith Fullerton Whitman excerpt from Live at Smash Palace (*forthcoming CS on Semata)

On this week's podcast show, we air our recent phone interview with Boston-based composer and musician, Ricardo Donoso. Having created one of this year's finest albums in Progress Chance, and now set to unleash his next Digitalis-backed release, Spiritual Church Movementwith his experimental electronic duo Perispirit in the coming month, we were happy to get a chance to ask Ricardo some questions about his music and Semata Productions, the micro-label he has been running since 2008. And if that wasn't enough, Ricardo went and sweetened the deal by providing us with a bunch of tracks from forthcoming Semata releases due out in the coming year, not to mention something from the new Perispirit album and his next solo release that he his currently putting the finishing touches on.

Check out the Semata Productions website for more information and to order some of the currently available titles.

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