Monday, December 19, 2011

FFFreakout: Best of 2011 List (Podcast Edition)

So, I was considering putting together one final podcast before the end of the year that featured some of my favorite releases from 2011. Since I have a bunch of new stuff that I'm itching to play, I've decided against it for now and have put together this best-of overview instead. I believe all of these releases have appeared on the show at some point throughout the course of the year or soon will for the show that I'm preparing for later this week. I hope there's maybe a few new or overlooked releases you'll want to check out from this list. Scroll through the Free Form Freakout Podcasts section to track down audio on most of these. Thanks for looking and listening.      

1. Lee Noble “Horrorism” (Bathetic)
2. Pimmon “The Oansome Orbit” (Room40)
3. Rene Hell “The Terminal Symphony” (Type)
4. Alvarius B. “Baroque Primitiva” (Abduction)
5. Haino/O’Rourke/Ambarchi “In A Flash Everything Comes Together . . . " (Black Truffle)
6. Ricardo Donoso “Progress Chance” (Digitalis)
7. Matt Carlson “Particle Language” (Draft)
8. Stare Case “Lose Today” (De Stijl)
9. Red Horse “S/T” (Type)
10. Panabrite “Omni Center” (Sturmundrugs)
11. Matt ‘MV’ Valentine “What I Became” (Woodsist)
12. Terrors “Lagan Qord” (Weird Forest)
13. Bee Mask “Elegy For Beach Friday” (Spectrum Spools)
14. Wet Hair “In Vogue Spirit” (De Stijl)
15. Black Eagle Child “Lobelia” (Preservation)
16. Son of Salami “A Study in Eraser Headless Tape Recording” (Feeding Tube)
17. C. Yantis “Kerning” (Blackest Rainbow)
18. Mamuthones “S/T” (Boring Machines)
19. Quiet Evenings “Intrepid Trips” (Hooker Vision)
20. Elklink “The Rise of Elklink” (KYE)

1. Super Minerals “The Hoax” (Stunned)
2. Sparkling Wide Pressure / Rambutan split (Tape Drift)
3. Matt Carlson “Gecko Dream Levels” (Gift Tapes)
4. Remote Islands “Days of Heaven” (Stunned)
5. Belarisk “II” (Semata Productions) 
6. V/A – “Pacific Support” (Draft)
7. John Zuma St. Pelvyn “Ampex, Stolanoff, Dogwood, Rain” (Lighten Up Sounds)
8. Cannibal Movie “Avorio” (Sound of Cobra)
9. Sean McCann “Mammoth Mountain” (Avant Archive)
10. Spare Death Icon “Survival” (Gift Tapes)
11. Ous Mal “Riioraa/Viime Talvi” (Sweat Lodge Guru)
12. Pierrot Lunaire “Exercise in Futility" (Semata Productions)
13.  Primitive Motion “By Arc or Chord” (Soft Abuse)
14. M. Geddes Gengras “The Empty Space” (Stunned)
15. Christopher Merritt / Reedbeds split (Tranquility Tapes)
16. Banana Head / Phantom Payn split (Goaty Tapes)
17. Grasshopper “Miles in the Sky” (House of Alchemy)
18. V/A - "Sacred Phrases – Inscriptions Vol. 1" (Sacred Phrases)
19.  Nathan McLaughlin “Echolocation #5 (Notice Recordings)
20. Head Boggle "Unsounds and Domo Live" (NNA Tapes)

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