Thursday, November 03, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #28 - Eli Keszler / REL Records Feature

Eli Keszler “Cold Pin I” (excerpt) Cold Pin LP (Pan)
(Interview Segment)
Eli Keszler “Side A” (excerpt) Oxtrin LP (ESP-Disk)
Eli Keszler “Untitled - Track #3” (excerpt) Tilt CD (REL010)
(Interview Segment)
Red Horse “Part One” S/T LP (Type)
Aster “Untitled” (excerpt) S/T LP (REL016)
(Interview Segment)
Ashley Paul “At Last (Least)” To Much Togethers CD (REL015)
Oxtirn “Untitled - Track #1” Live CD (REL017)

We recently had a chance to speak with Eli Keszler about his various musical and artistic pursuits, including the work he is doing with his REL imprint. We aired this interview on this week’s show and played several tracks from Keszler’s solo and collaborative projects, along with something from his partner and collaborator, Ashley Paul.

*Eli Keszler is a composer, artist and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. In performance, he often plays drums, bowed crotales and guitar in conjunction with his installations. In his ensemble compositions, he uses extended strings, motors, crotales, horns and mechanical devices to create his sound, balancing intense harmonic formations with acoustic sustain, fast jarring rhythm, mechanical propulsion, dense textures and detailed visual presentations. Eli has toured extensively throughout Europe and the US, performing solo and in collaboration with artists such as Phill Niblock, Aki Onda, Joe McPhee, Loren Connors, Jandek, Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, Steve Beresford, C Spencer Yeh, Greg Kelley (Nmperign), T Model Ford, Ran Blake, Ashley Paul and Steve Pyne. He has recorded solo releases for labels such as his own REL Records, ESP-DISK' and Type (Red Horse). His installations have appeared at the Boston Center for the Arts and Nuit Blanche NYC and the Shreveport MSPC New Music Festival. He has most recently won the Mata composers competition for the 2012 season. Eli Keszler is a graduate of the New England Conservatory in Boston where he studied with Anthony Coleman and Ran Blake. (*taken from the PAN website)

Check out the REL Records website for more information or to purchase any of the releases played on this show.

I'd also like to extend a special thanks to Bill Kouligas from PAN for providing the Cold Pin track prior to the album release date.

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Auxiliary Out said...

Great episode! I've listened to this thing twice. I'd heard Keszler's name around a bunch but didn't know much about him or his music. Now I do and I'm all the better for it. Will have to track some of his stuff down soon. Thanks!