Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FFFreakout #289 (Aired on 11/24/11)

Comet Gain "The Weekend Dreams" from Howl of the Lonely Crowd
James Ferraro "Sim" from Far Side Virtual
Alva Noto "Uni Deform" from Univrs
Bee Mask "Stop the Night" from Elegy for Beach Friday
Projekt Stinka "Nosohltan" from 12" split w/ Alpha Strategy
Carolee "Rainout" from EP1
*Mr. Gasser and The Weirdos "Effin It Don't Go - Chrome It" from Hot Rod Hootenanny
*Mr. Gasser and The Weirdos "Phantom Surf" from Surfink!
*John Cale "Catastrofuk" from Extra Playful EP
*The Black Keys "Run Right Back" from Lonely 12" single
*Pete Townsend "Punk (demo)" from The Quadrophrenia Demos, Vol. 1
*The Beatles "Hey Jude" from The Singles box
Black Eagle Child "Families Get Together" from Lobelia

*These tracks were from Record Store Day - Black Friday exclusives.

Here's a track from the Alpha Strategy side of that split with Projekt Stinka that we played on today's show. Album cover art by Graham Lambkin.


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