Sunday, September 25, 2011

FFFreakout: #281 - Looking Back on 30 Years of R.E.M. (Aired 9/22/11)

R.E.M. "Radio Free Europe" from Murmur
R.E.M. "The One I Love" from Document
R.E.M. "Crush With Eyeliner" from Monster
R.E.M. "E-bow The Letter" from New Adventures in Hi-Fi
R.E.M. "Can't Get There From Here" from Fables of the Reconstruction
R.E.M. "Wind-Out" from Dead Letter Office
R.E.M. "Begin the Begin" from Life's Rich Pageant
R.E.M. "Turn You Inside Out" from Green
R.E.M. "Monte Got A Raw Deal" from Automatic for the People
R.E.M. "Gardening At Night" from Chronic Town
R.E.M. "Accelerate" from Accelerate
R.E.M. "Don't Go Back to Rockville" from Reckoning
R.E.M. "Half A World Away" from Out of Time
(Outro Music: R.E.M. "New Orleans Instrumental #1 from Automatic for the People)       

With the announcement that R.E.M. had offically disbanded, we decided to take a look back through their discography on this week's show. Carl led us through some of his favorite R.E.M. songs and shared stories of his (mis)adventures at various R.E.M. live shows over the years.

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