Wednesday, September 07, 2011

FFFreakout #280 - David Solo - (Aired on 9/8/11)

The Blind Shake "Man Leaves House" from Seriousness
UV Race "Burn That Cat" from Homo  
Alpaca Brothers "Hey Man" from Flying Nun 25 Years Box Set  
Patrick Burke "Souvenirs" from Silence and Timing  
Azalia Snail "Space Heater" from Celestial Respect  
Amen Dunes "Lower Mind" from Through Donkey Jaw  
Battles "Futura" from Gloss Drop  
Konono No. 1 "Kule Kule Reprise" from Congotronics  
Nina Simone "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" (live) from To Be Free Box Set  
Hell Shovel "Blow Holes and Q-Tips" from Sonar Elastici il pianeta si risveglia  
Russell Hoke "Shattering of the Form" from Cosmic Outlaw  
The Yoleus "AKA" from Splain  
Julian Lynch "Temple Dance" from Music For How Mata Hari . . .  
Coppertone "Year of the Tiger" from Best of the First Six Months  
Dub Syndicate "Overboard" from Tunes from the Missing Channel

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