Sunday, May 01, 2011

FFFreakout: Podcast #16 - Nathan McLaughlin In-Studio Session

Nathan McLaughlin "2.3" Echolocation #2 CS (Digitalis Ltd.)
Nathan McLaughlin "5.3" Echolocation #5 CS (Notice Recordings)
Nathan McLaughlin "3.4" Echolocation #3 CS (Gift Tapes)

(In-Studio Live Performance)

Nathan McLaughlin "Sun Dogs" mp3 (Absence of Wax)
Loud & Sad "WF: #3" Whale Fall 1 CS (Digitalis Ltd.)
HMS "HMS 2.4" HMS 2 CS (*forthcoming release on Avant Archives)

We were fortunate to have Nathan McLaughlin join us in the studio for this week's show to perform live and to chat a bit about some of his recent solo recordings, along with his work in the groups Loud & Sad and HMS. In addition, we spun selections from all of Nathan's available cassette releases, not to mention an absolute scorcher of a track from a forthcoming HMS release. Check out Nathan's website to find out more information and to order or download some of his recordings.

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