Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FFFreakout #265 (Aired on 5/26/11)

Julian Lynch "Terra" from Terra
Religious Knives "The Message" from Smokescreen
Street Gnar "Without Blue" from Poking the World With a Stick
Trailblazer "Don't Need It Anyway" from Successor
Jerusalem & the Starbaskets "Walkin' Across Your Grave" from DOST
Ghost to Falco "Secrets of the Free" from Exotic Believers
Geeshie Wiley "Last Kind Words Blues" from American Primitive II
Bill Orcutt "Cold Ground" from A New Way to Pay Old Debts
Jandek "Quinn Boys II" from You Walk Alone
Sun Ra "Velvet" from College Tour Volume One
Hastings 3000 "I Ain't Trespassin'" from Heliotrope 8 compilation
Dreamland Faces "Brad Goes Hunting" from Heliotrope 8 compilation
Fortified Five "IddyBiddyDiddy" from Heliotrope 8 compilation
James Blake "Lindisfarne II" from S/T
Mount Kimbie "Would Know" from Crooks & Lovers

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JULIAN LYNCH - "GROUND" from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.

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