Thursday, June 18, 2009

FFFreakout #167 (Aired on 6/17/09)

Sonic Youth - Antenna
Spinal Tap - Sex Farm (Funky Version)
Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
Prince - Mountains
Moby - Run On
Blank Dogs - No Compass
Michael Hurley - Eyes Eyes
Pumice - Pebbles
Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Sometimes
Ween - Take Me Away
Meat Puppets - Blanket of Weeds
Dinosaur Jr. - Little Fury Things
Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic
They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng
Kid Thomas - Rockin' This Joint To-Nite

The Meat Puppets, feature all the original members, will be playing at The What's Up Lounge here in Mankato on July 9 in support of their new full-length. Should be a great show.

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